29 February 2016

A Spring Picnic In the Park

For the past few days there has been a serious chill in the air and today was the first day that it was perfect out. Luckily, there was a new music event that our city was hosting in the park downtown. Alex & I thought it would be a great idea to bring my sister's dog, Molly with us and have a picnic.

28 February 2016

Through the Lens: Olive Conquers the Bed

I might have gotten a little carried away with taking photos of Olive this morning, but I'm glad I did because as I was editing these I realized that I haven't really taken a proper photo shoot of just Olive.  Expect a few more to come...
25 February 2016

The Sound of Ones Heart

Oh, my precious one. The one whose heartbeat calms me whenever I place my head onto his chest. The consistent thump, thump, thump. It is a sound that I have grown accustomed to over these past months. A sound that I crave late at night when he is sleeping next to me and I have awoken for no other reason but to move closer to him, to feel his soul next to mine. I move past the expanse of bed sheets and blankets, wrap my arm around him and bury my face into his hair. How sweet it is when he turns to me in his sleep-ridden haze, lays on his back and places my head unto his chest. Thump, thump, thump.

And my darling, these months between us have added up.
Tenths come and go and here we are still in love and yet,
it's growing even deeper.
16 February 2016

Through the Eyes of Love

I don't think I'll ever get over the reality of how much you truly understand and love me. I will always be baffled by the fact that you accept me, with all of my flaws and with no desire to change me. And when you tell me that I am the best woman that you have ever known - I believe you, even when I don't believe that I am worthy of that title. I'm thankful for you, because as each day passes I slowly begin to see myself through your eyes.

I know that you aren't able to see the man that I am able to see so clearly. You have difficulty seeing your self worth. You have a hard time accepting your strength, humor, handsomeness and all the other aspects that make you amazing. But darling, all of that is within you. You are all that I see - the only man that I want - and I will always tell you that. It doesn't matter to me if it takes fifty years for it to sink in. I promise that I'll keep holding your hand and telling you how incredible you truly are.
11 February 2016

Through the Lens: A Fog-Ridden French Quarter Morning

Last year I took these photos one early, foggy morning. After being in New Orleans for a few days (for the third time) I decided to walk down to Jackson Square. I felt the need to look at the cathedral from the middle of the park, to stroll across the edge of the Mississippi River as I bundled up in my coat and scarf. New Orleans was delightfully cold and fog ridden. As I stood there, looking out at the Crescent City Connection and the fragile wooden steps leading to the river, I took in the smells of what my soul knows to be New Orleans: chicory coffee and beignets.
10 February 2016

Our Slow Dance

The other afternoon you took my hand, wrapped your arm around my waist and drew me towards you. I looked up at you, my cheeks surely turning pink, and watched as a shy smile appeared on your face. Are you dancing with me? I asked with happiness drenching my words. You spun me around several times and when I told you I was a little dizzy you held me even closer and whispered that it was okay. You started to move, slowly, leaving my body no other glorious choice but to follow your lead as our bodies moved in sync to nothing but the silence of our living room and our soft breathing.
08 February 2016

New Orleans Can Have My Bones

I've spent the past few nights dreaming of the streets of New Orleans, again. The smell of chicory and beignets. The sounds of music in the streets.
I sleepily recall Jackson Square at 6AM. It was in that moment, as I over looked the river, that I knew I never wanted to leave. That place pulls at my heart strings, grasps at my soul and settles into my bones.

I remember walking through every corner of that parish, in search of missing pieces, and every time I leave another piece of my soul gets taken away from me.

Dear New Orleans, you can have my bones.
05 February 2016

When I think of us...

When I think of us I think of long winded conversations, endless laughter, kisses on foreheads and the way in which he calls me sweetheart after he says he loves me - the softness that resides in his words as they fall from his mouth makes me swoon each time. It's us sprawled across our bed, limbs tangled with one another and our white sheets. It's us drinking coffee too late at night and binge watching shows that we end up pausing in order to talk.

We are past, present and future; teenage sweethearts that somehow, with magic and luck on their side, managed to find one another in adulthood - at a time when we both needed each other more than ever.

Alex, the love I have for you is deep, deeper than any ocean and every time I look at you I know that I have loved you all along. And when you're big, brown eyes stare into mine, early in the morning when we are first waking up - sun pouring through the window, it leaves my heart so full that I swear it could simply burst at any given moment.
03 February 2016

The Start of Incredible Things

We spent the first night in our new place unpacking boxes instead of relaxing. Alex was sitting on the floor of the living room, removing random possessions from a giant cardboard box as City & Colour played on our stereo. He sung along to our favourite songs, his voice carrying it's way though all of the rooms. There was something magical in that moment - the way in which the many shades of dusk filtered through the sliding glass door, his voice and the happiness I felt. I was reorganizing the kitchen as I heard him turn on Lake Street Dive's song "Just Ask" and I stopped in my tracks. Of course he would play that song; he is just as sentimental as I am. When we first started dating he had sent me that song through a text, the lyrics giving him a way to express his love for me and how he would do anything to make me happy. A tear started to well in my eyes, like they do every time I hear that song, and I walked over to him, whispered that I loved him and kissed him hard on the mouth. This is the beginning of our life together, I thought as we stood there hugging in the living room, this moment is the start of incredible things.
02 February 2016

We're all moved in!

What a generic title, but it is accurate and to the point! Haha.

Alex & I are finally moved in. It's been a long, long three days of moving, unpacking and decorating. We really couldn't have done this move without Megan too. She helped me unpack and purge my life of all the unnecessary items that I was holding onto that no longer gave me joy. I donated at least three full boxes and I still have a few more things to go through.

As far as watching this place go from empty to our home felt incredible. I really enjoyed watching it all come together and I think one day soon I'll do a post about all my favourite aspects of our new place, pictures included. Except there are few photos and bugs (yay! to Alex for having two shadow boxes full of preserved beetles, butterflies, moths and dragonflies) that need to be hung in our room, but the rest of it is all set!

So, here are some teaser photos from our bedroom until I get around to taking more: