06 December 2018

Choosing His Name

Our family and close friends already know what we're naming our baby boy. But recently, I've thought about sharing it with all of you now, instead of waiting until his big day arrives. After discussing it with Alex, we've decided to go ahead and share his name AND why we chose it...

Alex & I had a boy's name picked out months before we got pregnant. It was something that came naturally to us. I don't even think we had any runner-up names to consider! Which is pretty wild. Especially considering the fact that I spent a good month, prior to finding out the gender, trying to settle on a girl's name. As it turns out, it was time wasted. ;)

Even though Alex & I had our boy's name picked out a good deal ahead of time, once we found out that he was indeed a he, having his name made it even more real. And somehow, even though we haven't met him yet, I feel like his name completely suits him.

I'm sure by now you're dying to know what we've decided to name our sweet little boy... 



  1. Love it, Danielle. Thanks for letting us all know. We can wait with great anticipation, now, to meet your sweet Cooper!! Love & hugs!!

    1. Love and hugs to you as well!
      I can't believe that this year is almost over... one step closer to meeting Cooper. :)

  2. Cooper! I love it, so sweet and old-fashioned. Are you going to call him Coop for short?

    1. :) We'll definitely call him Coop for short.