02 January 2016

A Memory and A Kiss

Sometimes when I think about our first encounter, from when we were teenagers, my mind struggles to properly put all of the pieces back together. The ones that are missing are far too hazy and fog-ridden for me to create a concrete memory. Sadly, there is a list of things that I cannot remember but there is also a list of things that I will never forget: a dimly lit movie theater with Dark Citiy projected onto the screen and your fingers interlaced with mine,  how your innocent fifteen year old face would look upon mine whenever I spoke, the shape of your eyes, your dark hair.

And during all those years in between, I remembered your name. 
Your name would always linger in the back of my mind. Sometimes it would come out of nowhere and along with it came a sense of a memory, a feeling that I couldn’t quite pin down. But when I saw you again, after seventeen years of us being apart, all of those missing pieces fell into place. All of those feelings came rushing in and when you placed your lips upon mine, for the first time in years, I remembered how it felt to kiss you.

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