27 March 2020

No-Mess Painting for Babies

We've been social distancing as a family for almost a week now and I've been trying to come up with fun things for Cooper to do. Initially, I wanted to make my own paint so Cooper could have fun with fingerpainting (edible paint? yes, please!) but with this pandemic, I'm trying to save my flour for actually eating it. So I opted for the next best thing, no-mess painting with acrylic paints that I already had on hand.

This quick, little art project would be perfect for babies older than six months. Cooper is currently13 months and he was still a little shy at first when it came to pushing the paint around on the canvas. He eventually warmed up to it and it looks awesome! This little art piece will definitely be one that I cherish for many years to come.

  • masking tape
  • a canvas, any size
  • acrylic paint, at least 2 different colors
  • enough plastic wrap to cover the canvas two times, plus 3 inches

  • Go ahead and squeeze little paint blobs all over the canvas. Seriously, there's no rhyme or reason to this. I just focused on having different colors evenly throughout. 
  • Take your plastic wrap and cover the entire canvas twice, making sure not to smush the paint blobs too much.
  • Tape the plastic wrap to the back of the canvas - this will prevent the paint from getting everywhere. 
Hand the canvas to your baby and let them go to town! It's as easy as that.

Pro tip: Once your baby's artwork is done drying, hang it on the wall so everyone can admire it!

22 March 2020

The verdicts out . . . pandemics suck.

The museum I work at has been closed since this past Monday. I'm one week into social distancing and my anxiety is all over the place - some days I'm okay, others not so much. The goal was to come back to work after next week, but I'm not sure what the plan is now. And as for Alex, he's on furlough for at least a month (unpaid, mind you) and we're trying to remain positive. There's just so much uncertainty that it makes my head spin. Honestly, I'm glad we have savings to fall back on (it sucks because it was going to go towards a down payment on a house at some point) but I'm thankful for. Very thankful because some people have absolutely nothing.

I'm glad that our son won't remember any of this. All he knows is that mama and dada are home with all the time and he's happy. That's the silver lining of all this for me; that Alex & I have this time to slow down as a family together. 

It's so hard to not worry about what this pandemic will do to our country, hell - the world. All the people that have already passed. It breaks my heart. I worry for my loved ones and for the people I don't even know. And what is really infuriating is the fact that there are still people out there who aren't taking this seriously. 

Either way, I hope whoever is reading this is safe and well. If you personally know me and you need anything (anything at all) please don't hesitate to reach out. <3

Also - this post from @leilastead made me feel a little better. Maybe it'll do the same for you.

06 March 2020

Cooper's Dino-mite First Birthday Party

Last Saturday we celebrate Cooper's first birthday party with family and it was just perfect. Alex & I decided to go with a dinosaur theme and we really went all out. From the food, to the decor... it was dino-tastic! We made deviled dinosaur eggs that we dyed pink with beet juice, I made his smash cake from scratch (with bananas and freeze dried blueberries) and Alex baked a bunch of "prehistoric potatoes" and he made an epic meat and cheese board - like I said the them went all the way to the food too. Cooper had such a blast with his smash cake (after a little convincing) and he enjoyed opening his presents. He wasn't too thrilled when we all sang "Happy Birthday" but I think it's because everyone was just staring at him. Haha. It was definitely a day I will never forget. I took some videos throughout the party that I still need to piece together. Maybe one day I'll share it on here.
05 March 2020

Cooper & His Smash Cake

Thanks again to Megan for these photos . . .