14 October 2019

Cooper and the Pumpkins

This month has been filled with all things Fall. A trip to Trader Joe's for yummy Fall food, scary movies, Halloween playlists, and decorating. Yesterday we went to select a few pumpkins for our front door AND to take a few photos of Cooper enjoying a sea of pumpkins for the first time. He was such a trooper - not a single cry - and he looked adorable with all the pumpkins and his little skeleton bear. I can't wait until Halloween when he gets to wear his cute hedgehog costume! Don't worry - I'll be sure to share photos afterward.

30 September 2019

Cooper - Seven Months

Happy seven months to this raspberry blowing, "mama"/"baba" babbling, apple and carrot loving little dude. You're SO close to crawling it's almost ridiculous. You love rolling around, sitting while looking at yourself in the mirror, and doing baby planks and downward-facing dogs. You laugh A LOT more than you did a month ago and your dada and I can't seem to get enough of it. You have two bottom teeth coming in and you've been super chill about it.

You are our favorite person - we're so happy that we get to call you our son.
28 September 2019

Our Fall Bucket List

Fall is one of my favorite seasons and being the list maker that I am, I tend to construct a list of things I'd like to do (especially in Fall and Winter.) And now that we have Cooper things are little different in terms of what I'd like to do in order to make his first Autumn more memorable. Here's what I've come up with.

  • take photos of Cooper in a pumpkin patch
  • drink apple cider
  • get Cooper's first Halloween costume
  • make an apple pie
  • listen to Type O Negative albums (a tradition I've done FOR YEARS)
  • collect Autumn leaves for Coop's baby book
  • make a cobbler
  • Watch the VVitch
  • listen to our Halloween playlist
  • take Halloween photos of Cooper (including a family photo)
  • eat dinners on the porch during the cooler nights
  • get more Halloween books for Cooper
  • take early morning walks
  • watch Hocus Pocus
  • Read my Edgar Allen Poe compilation (maybe even read it to Cooper too!)
  • roast marshmallows using a terracotta pot
  • make a Fall music playlist
  • get a pumpkin spice latte at Concord Coffee
  • watch Beetlejuice
  • go on a picnic
  • make a Fall-themed charcuterie board
  • decorate for Fall & Halloween
If you're like me and love Halloween, check out how Alex & I Get Into the Halloween Spirit.
Do you have any goals this Fall? Let me know in the comments below!
26 September 2019

Life Lately

Wow! It's been a while since I've written a proper update on here. I've gotten in the bad habit of quickly updating small moments on my Instagram and not taking the time to sit down an actually write a blog post. Life is so full right now and I absolutely love this season we're in. Life with an seven-month-old is busy and magical. I've finally found my calling with motherhood and it's just so incredibly rewarding.

The other day Alex & I were discussing how we never say we're bored anymore and he's right - we don't! And I'm really glad. Cooper never gives us a dull moment. It's great. Yes, sometimes we need a break but that's the funny thing about having a kid. Even when you finally get that break you still miss them! It's such a weird feeling.

Being a parent can be hard; that's a given. Alex & I get tired, we both need our alone time, etc but thankfully we are really good at giving each other what we need in order to feel sane. Sometimes that looks like Alex taking the reigns while I lay in bed and watch TV for an hour or me getting up early so Alex can sleep in. It's a give & take and it's really nice to know that we have each other's backs.

As far as motherhood is concerned, I'm still learning how to cope with the anxiety I get whenever Cooper cries. This has been something I've experienced since he was born and it's a strange feeling. I want so badly to fix whatever is troubling him and when I can't automatically fix it for him, I get very anxious. The other day Alex asked me if it's gotten any better, and honestly, the only thing that's changed is that I know how to manage it a little better. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it eventually. Fingers crossed.

My favorite part about being parents (so far): is that whenever we're ever having a bad day, a smile from our sweet boy makes all our troubles disappear. And his laugh! Oh my goodness - it's the best sound in the world!