14 September 2017

Hurricane Irma: the Aftermath

I should probably do an update now that the hurricane has come and went. It's 7:30 in the morning and I was woken up an hour ago by a fluffy little bunny - in our bed for the first time since Friday night. And I am happy that we are back home, especially after being away for over five days!

this was a tree that fell down in our apartment complex - the building was left unscathed
On Saturday night Alex, Olive and I settled in at my mom's house to ride out Hurricane Irma. Alex cooked all weekend and once Sunday evening rolled around, we were prepared for the hurricane. We all ate too much junk waiting for the storm... stress eating & fear can do that to you. The storm started out calm and then our electricity went out around 9pm. My family spent that time listening to downloaded music and talking. Alex, Caitlin, Jeremy and I hung out on the back patio and experienced the very beginnings of hurricane Irma. But then the hurricane hit around midnight and everything was incredibly insane. Strong gusts of wind and lots of rain - it sounded intense, nothing I had ever heard before. At one point, there was so much pressure that my ears felt clogged. I spent most of the night moving from the bedroom to the living room where Olive was safely staying. Olive was such a trooper too - I swear that bunny was the calmest out of all of us.

The storm was bad, but there was hardly any damage at my parents house. Just a few shingles, broken tree limbs and wind-blown trees. On Monday morning Alex & I packed up our stuff and headed back to our place to check on it. As we drove around town, I hardly recognized the city that we grew up in. I had never seen it this way before - tree limbs everywhere, fallen trees, destroyed power lines, missing street lights and broken signs. Once we made our way to our apartment the only thing we found was that a little water that came in through the back door. Luckily, I had placed a rolled up towel there and the water was contained. Unfortunately our electricity was down - and my mom's hadn't turned back on yet. So we figured we'd be living like that for at least a week. Thankfully, later that afternoon we received word that Alex's parent's electricity was back on. Needless to say we all made our way over there - including Olive and my parents.

However on Wednesday evening both my parent's and our electricity came back one. I couldn't believe it. But we are some of the lucky ones - there are still people without electricity - including the museum I work at. But I'm so impressed with how my city's electric company is handling this disaster. They have been working from dawn to dusk to get power back to this city. They're incredible. So yes, Hurricane Irma has been one brutal lady. And it's terrifying to think it could have been MUCH worse. I feel awful for those who have suffered so much damage from this hurricane -both in my town and especially for those in the Keys and other areas that got a lot of destruction.

I'll leave it at that. <3

07 September 2017

Trip Delayed - thanks, Hurricane Irma

Well, we would have been getting ready to head to the airport by now. But hurricane Irma has proved itself to be a formidable force. Our departure airport has been listed with a travel alert through Monday. Our flight out to Indiana would have been fine, but our flight back to Florida would have been delayed by who knows how long. So, in the vein of being proper adults, we've decided to take the airline up on a one-time voucher and reschedule our trip. Hopefully the storm won't cause too much damage. However, the cone of the hurricane is quite large so we'll surely get something. Below is the current track of the storm as of September 7, 2017 @ 9:26AM

It's been pretty crazy here in Florida as the storm approaches - bottle water and ice are completely sold out in supermarkets. And I honestly, can't stand the hysteria mentality. I am all for being prepared, but there's a limit to everything - you can really only do so much. Hysteria is just a no-go for us. However on Tuesday night, Alex & I waited in line a three different gas stations and left without gas each time. And we actually needed gas, I was practically on empty. People were filling both their cars and several gas canisters. It was insane and also a little ridiculous. Luckily, we were able to get gas the next morning.

For the next few days we'll be prepping for the storm. This is the first actual hurricane where I haven't lived with my parents. I've found that caring for a home in this type of situation requires a lot of work, preparation and careful planning, I've even made a list of the things we'll have to do to protect certain things without our apartment! I think we'll be riding out the brunt of the storm at my parents, though. They have a newer home, in a subdivision with proper drainage and are on a higher part of town. Plus, I think my mom will be a lot more calm knowing that we are there with her. We're taking Olive with us too - so it'll be like a mini sleepover.

If you live in Florida or anywhere in the path of Hurricane Irma, I hope you stay safe! The storm is supposed to hit us Sunday-Monday. So, I'll be sure to check back in here on Monday (if there's still power - ugh fingers crossed) to give some updates. Stay safe everyone!

Also - you can head over to NOAA for up to date info on the hurricane.

05 September 2017

Through the Lens: Roselawn Cemetery

This is what happens when date night is followed by a visit to the cemetery. Here's to anxiously looking at you, October.

31 August 2017

Fall Goals Twenty-Seventeen

I know it isn't quite Fall yet, we have about twenty-three more days, but I love everything about Fall. The clothing, the colours, Halloween, the food, the desserts. Everything. There's something about this time of year that makes me extremely happy. I swear, I suffer from summer seasonal disorder. ;) So with Fall on the horizon, I wanted to share some of my goals for this season.

  • Make pumpkin spice syrup
  • Spend more time outdoors
  • Visit a forest in Florida
  • Maybe visit a corn maze 
  • Bake a new Fall-esq pie
  • Tour a haunted house
  • Go on picnics with Alex
  • Visit more cemeteries
  • Decorate a little earlier
  • Go to a pumpkin patch
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Read more horror/thriller
  • Watch Halloween movies

If you're like me and love Halloween, check out How Alex & I Get Into the Halloween Spirit.
Do you have any goals for this Fall? Let me know in the comments below!

**Also, I can't believe that it's the last day of August and that the blogging challenge is officially over. It's been fun sharing more and I think I'll try to blog a lot more from here on out. Thanks for following along!

30 August 2017

Mornings Filled With Happiness

This is a simple mug. From all outward appearances, nothing special. A hefty burgundy mug, with a painted white pattern - "England" pressed into the bottom in a curve. To others, this mug is nothing special. But to me it is everything. When Alex & I first started dating, we'd wake up at his place and he'd make us French Press coffee. And he'd always, always, always give me my coffee in this mug. So many mornings, where we'd sit in his living room, on that leather couch, sun filtering through every window. We would sit there drinking our coffee. Ruefully counting down the minutes until we had to go to work, away from one another.

I still drink from this mug, and every time I do, it brings me straight back to those mornings filled with warm coffee, happiness and the love of my life by my side.

29 August 2017

My Carry-On Essentials

Next week Alex & I are headed to Indiana to visit family. It's only for three days, which means we won't pack too much. However, there are always a few things that I always take with me - no matter how long I'm staying somewhere. Every time I fly I tend to bring the same carry-on items with me and they have since become my essentials. After years of perfecting the ultimate list, I've whittled it down to the bare bones.

I hate bringing too much stuff just as much as I hate digging through luggage for things that I need in a hurry. Therefore having a list of essential carry-ons is a must for me. As for the carry-on bag, I tend to bring my small mint backpack. It's perfect and compact and the colour makes it really easy in case I get lost in a crowd and Alex has to find me. I usually just pack a small purse in my luggage to use during the duration of my trip. Though honestly, there's been a lot of times where I just use my backpack!

  • Wallet - for easy access to IDs, cash, etc.
  • iPhone & Charger - with flight app for tickets
  • Digital Camera - sometimes I'll bring my compact tripod
  • Small Pack of Tissues - because if I don't, I'll need them
  • Kindle e-reader - or one of the current books I'm reading
  • Snacks - like sunflower seeds, dried fruit or cheddar bunnies
  • Sunglasses - because I always need them once I land
  • NYX all-over balm - great for rescuing dry skin
  • Chewing Gum - for take-offs and landings
  • Face Wipes - to wipe of airplane goo ;)
Is there anything else that you tend to bring for your carry-on? Is there anything that you think I'm missing? Let me know in the comments below!

28 August 2017

Alex & Danielle's Epic At Home Movie Weekend

Alex & I wanted to binge watch movies this weekend. Since we had a lot of movies in our watchlist on three different platforms (Netflix, Hulu and HBO) we decided to kind of go all out this weekend and watch as many as we could. And in the spirit of sharing, I wanted to share the movies we watched. I've included a quick synopsis too. Who knows, maybe you'll want to check them out if you haven't already.

Be Kind Rewind - Emotional and heartwarming. Two bumbling store clerks inadvertently erase the footage from all of the tapes in their video rental store. In order to keep the business running, they re-shoot every film in the store with their own camera, with a budget of zero dollars. 

I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore - A poignant thinker. When a depressed woman is burglarized, she finds a new sense of purpose by tracking down the thieves alongside her obnoxious neighbor. But they soon find themselves dangerously out of their depth against a pack of degenerate criminals.

Nocturnal Animals - Thrilling dark and Lynch-esq. A successful art-gallery owner's idyllic life is marred by the constant traveling of her handsome second husband. While he is away, she is shaken by the arrival of a manuscript written by her first husband, who she has not seen in years. The manuscript tells the story of family's trip that turns into a nightmare.

The Fundamentals of Caring - Sweet and comical. A writer retires after a personal tragedy and becomes a disabled teen's caregiver. When the two embark on an impromptu road trip, their ability to cope is tested as they start to understand the importance of hope and friendship.

Boyhood - An emotional journey. The joys and pitfalls of growing up are seen through the eyes of a child named Mason, his parents and his sister. Filmed with the same cast over the course of 12 years, it captures family meals, road trips, birthday parties, graduations and other important milestones.

Here are the movies we attempted to watch but gave up on:
Winters Passing, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and Shimmer Lake

Have you seen any of these movies? How did you like them? Let me know in the comments below!