06 November 2018

Our Baby's Gender Reveal Party

We did our own take on a gender reveal party for our little boy. Instead of Alex & I being surprised, we surprised our family and we loved every minute of it. I made the cakes (yes, there were two - one cake for the reveal and one for eating because blue dye, blech!).

There were two games. First I had everyone select a paint sample in the color of what they thought the baby was - blue for a boy and pink for a girl. The next game was partially me trying to throw my family off a bit. I had them pick first names and middle names from bowls and piece together 10 different names that they liked for a girl.

The suspense was definitely killing them... that name game took about 10 minutes for everyone to complete and it was totally worth it for me. Everyone was getting so impatient with excitement and demanding that we cut the cake already.

Since I thought it would be the most fun, I pitted my Mom and Alex's Mom against each other when it came to the cake cutting. I gave them each a knife and had them cut into the cake to see what gender our little baby was. There was A LOT of excitement at that moment. Well, here - go ahead and take a look for yourself...

05 November 2018

It's a...

BOY!!!! And we're SO excited!

I'm officially outnumbered and mentally preparing myself for double the amount of this kind of humor...

31 October 2018

He or She? What will baby be?

On Monday afternoon, at baby's anatomy scan, Alex & I found out the gender!! But here's the thing - we're keeping it a secret until after Sunday. Why? Because this Sunday we're throwing a twist on a gender reveal party... we're surprising our family with the news! I feel like this secret is even harder to keep then when we initially found out we were pregnant. I seriously cannot wait to surprise our parents - it's going to be so incredible.

I'm also over the moon with how our baby's first photo shoot turned out. That little nose and mouth kills me!

After the ultrasound we celebrated by voting early (you know, it's never too early to teach the baby the importance of voting) and went to Mellow Mushroom for some delicious pizza. We thought it was the perfect thing to do because we had pizza on our wedding day and it's the ultimate tradition for us. Especially when it comes to celebrating our little bunny bean. I told Alex that after I give birth I want pizza too. Haha.

So - if you think you know what baby is - let me know in the comments below and then be sure to stop back by on Monday to find out what baby is! It's going to be so hard to keep this secret for five more days.
26 October 2018

DIY Fall Stovetop Simmer Scent

I love Fall - even if the weather here in Florida doesn't change all that much and the look of Fall is relegated to dead leaves on the ground. Either way, once Fall rolls around I feel more like myself. It should go without saying that I love all things Fall too. The coziness, the seasonal food and, most of all, the scents... cinnamon, citrus, and all those other lovely warm spices. Since last year, I've tried to steer clear of scented candles (because ugh, they're so bad for you). Don't get me wrong, I still love my essential oils, but with being pregnant even those can come off a little too strong for me.

So, stovetop simmer scents it is! And the one I'm sharing today is super-duper easy AND full of all the rich smells you'd expect to find during Fall. Smell ya, later scented candles. Hello, natural scents!

1/2 a lemon
4 bay leaves
4 cinnamon sticks
1 thick orange slice
1/2 cup fresh cranberries
2 tablespoons whole cloves

Add all of the ingredients to a small pot, bring to a boil. Then lower to simmer and leave on for as long as you'd like. Just be sure to check on it periodically. Once you're done (and it's cooled down) refrigerate the mixture until the next time. Once the fragrance is gone, be sure to discard it.
18 October 2018

Little Kicks

This past Tuesday, I felt baby kick for the first time. It was incredible and there was no mistaking it. I just knew that what I was feeling was our little bunny bean. At first, I felt three kicks in a row, then a few minutes later I felt two more. Since then I've felt those little kicks a few more times. Both last night and then again this morning and afternoon. Also, does anyone else think of Elaine from Seinfeld when you hear "little kicks"? No, maybe it's just me! ;)

Seriously though, it's such a surreal feeling to feel those little kicks. It makes me fall even more in love with this sweet little babe that I am growing inside me. I honestly can't wait until baby starts kicking more frequently and to the point where Alex can actually feel it himself.
07 October 2018

Fall Goals Twenty-Eighteen

It's finally Fall! I know I'm a little late with this list - but here it is either way! Unfortunately, I didn't complete all of my Fall goals from last year. So this year, I'm going to be a little bit more realistic with what I add to this list. Especially now that I'm pregnant. Even though the weather isn't fall-ish here in Florida, it's still getting cooler in the mornings and evenings.
  • buy an heirloom pumpkin
  • make apple cinnamon muffins
  • bake a homemade pumpkin pie
  • have another cemetery pizza party
  • listen to A LOT of Type O Negative
  • watch Hocus Pocus and Beetlejuice
  • on the first cool day, go on a picnic with Alex
  • finish the second season of Stan Against Evil
  • go to Trader Joes and buy a few Fall-inspired food items
  • enjoy being pregnant during one of my favourite seasons
  • make sure to always have an autumn-colored flower bouquet in the house
  • create another Halloween playlist - we might not be able to top last years though

Do you have any goals for this Fall? Let me know in the comments below!
24 September 2018

My First Trimester of Pregnancy

Now that the news of our little bunny bean is officially out in the universe, I figured it would be fun to document my first trimester. because this pregnancy is something I truly want to remember. I mean, after all, Alex & I only want one child. Besides, I'm such a documenter by nature.

We were on vacation in Colorado the week before we officially found out, but the whole time I just knew I was pregnant. After all, we had tried the month before. Either way, I was anxious to find out but we both decided to wait until we got back to Florida. So the day after we got home, I took a test - even though I was only 4 weeks. It was early Saturday morning, I was the only one up, the house was quiet and the morning sun was starting to filter through the curtains. I crept into the bathroom and once the five minutes were up, my suspicions we were confirmed... we were definitely pregnant! Alex was still asleep, so I crawled into bed with him and quietly whispered into his ear that we were pregnant. He turned to me and smiled, "Really?". "Yes," I said and we hugged for a very long time.

Needless to say, keeping our little secret was hard - very hard. The only people that knew for the first four weeks were my mother and my best friend Megan. Our reasoning behind keeping it a secret was this: I experienced a blighted ovum back in March. Which is why Alex & I decided to wait to tell the rest of our family until we had an early ultrasound to confirm that there was actually a baby in there. We had our first ultrasound at 8-weeks. I was a nervous wreck until the technician found our little bunny bean and once she found the heartbeat and we saw the flicker of 165bpm I broke into tears and Alex & I exchanged the biggest smiles. Afterward, we shared the news with his parents, our siblings, and closest relatives. Then at 11 weeks, we were able to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time when our midwife used the doppler. That was even more amazing!

Now for the fun stuff...

So much bloating (as you can see above) and nausea. I had to make sure that I ate every few hours because if I didn't nausea would overpower me. Most nights I had constant nausea, even though I never threw up. My energy was at an all-time low and as a result, I slept A LOT. Needless to say, my workout regimen flew right out the window. I was lucky to even get in a 20-minute prenatal yoga once a week. I was also riddled with crazy food aversions - I couldn't stand the idea of chicken or scrambled eggs. Most nights, while Alex cooked us dinner, I had to stay in the bedroom with the door closed because the smells would make me nauseous and I'd end up not eating as a result. Bland food became my best friend.

Oh, Moses smell the roses, my cravings were bad because I mostly wanted junk food - which is something I normally avoid. Some weeks all I wanted was a hamburger and french fries. I was obsessed with cinnamon gum too. But thankfully I craved healthy things to like fresh strawberries, grapefruit, cheese, fruit smoothies, peanut butter, and no sugar added cranberry juice (I drank two large bottles in less than a week!!). Oh, and a childhood favourite of mine: cheese and tomato sandwiches with mustard. Mmm. Thankfully most of the cravings for junk food started to dwindle at the end of the first trimester and I was back to my normal healthy-ish eating habits.

Well, that about covers it for my first trimester. Keep your eyes peeled for a post on the second one in a few months.
21 September 2018

A List of Love

Wow... I haven't done one of these in awhile. And since I feel like diving back into the blogging pool, I figured it would be fun to start these up again. Besides t's always good to concentrate on positive things. So, here we go...

This month I am thankful for: This month I'm thankful for finally entering the second trimester. Being nauseous every night takes a toll and the fear of miscarriage isn't a pleasant one either. I'm so thankful for Alex and our families. They have been so loving and supporting during this pregnancy and it feels so good to have them in our lives. Also, major props to Alex to putting the nursery furniture together. Since he'll be in the thick of busy season at work it made sense to him to get it all set up ahead of time. Now I just need to decorate!

Things that I have been loving:
  • endless cups of mint tea
  • any and all things grapefruit
  • homemade oven-baked buffalo wings
  • spending every Monday with my parents
  • being pregnant (especially now that I'm in the second trimester)

Now I encourage you to create your own list of love. You can write it in the comments below or make your own post. If you do make a post, be sure to leave the link to it in the comments section. I can't wait to see your lists! Also, you are more than welcome to use the image above on your blog post - just make sure to credit me.