15 March 2017

Our Wedding:The Ceremony

Today, I'm back with part two of our wedding series - The Ceremony! It kind of goes without saying that our ceremony was one of the most emotional parts of our whole wedding. For the most part I was calm, but there was still so much excitement running through my veins. Along with butterflies doing somersaults in my stomach. I was ready though!
My step-dad walked me down to the ceremony site and we had a few moments together before we went down the aisle. Once Alt-J's "Arrival In Narnia" started playing the butterflies in my stomach started to calm down.
Alex walked my mom down the aisle, which I thought was sweet. Alex's dad walked both Alex's mom and his birth mom down the aisle. I am so glad that we thought to include his birth mom too. I could tell that it really meant the world to her. Our wedding party was made up of close friends and family. Caitlin was my maid of honor and my bridesmaids were Megan and Alex's younger sister, Jessie. Alex's best man was Chad and his groomsmen were Derrick and Scott.

When I made it to the aisle, I locked eyes with Alex and my heart just melted. He had the biggest smile on his face and it stayed there the whole time. I slowly walked down the aisle, making it a point to take in every aspect of the moment. My family, friends, the happiness and love that I was feeling. It was so intense.

Alex's "uncle" Tom was our officiant and he prepared a very sweet and nontraditional ceremony. Since neither Alex & I are religious it was perfect for us. There was a reading of Shakespeare's Sonnet 116. Alex & I shared our personal parts before the vows. I said my vows first - which I wasn't expecting. But I was ready for it. I just remember that for the first time ever of speaking in front of people, that I wasn't nervous. I just looked into his eyes and read to him all the things that he meant to me.When Alex read his vows it was so hard not to cry. And he, in Alex tradition, even made me laugh with one of his lines... "I will always be your accomplice in mischief."

After we were pronounced husband and wife, I remember how magical everything felt. It had finally happened! It was so surreal - I remember our first kiss as a married couple, wrapping our arms around one another. It was truly incredible.

After Alex & I were announced our family and friends cheered. And then I had to press the play button on my phone to start the recession music! Which was silly and perfectly imperfect. We had all of our friends and family laughing too - which made the moment pretty special.

It was really fun taking the "formal" photos too. Even though there were a lot of awesome ones, we decided to only share just a few of our favourites. So we hope you like the ones that we chose.

But I think we had the most fun with the wedding party.

Next Wednesday I'll be back with our third post of wedding series, this time it will be "Bride & Groom". So stay tuned because they are incredible! If you interested, you can see the first post of our wedding installment here: "Our Wedding: Getting Ready" and our "Wedding Day Details" post.

Photography: Laura Davis Photo


  1. I LOVE reading your wedding posts and getting to see the photos. I am still upset that I was so sick and couldn't be there to celebrate with you. Next best thing to being there is getting to read your blogs about it. Thanks for taking the time to do this, Danielle!! It's a gift!!

    1. I'm so glad that you enjoy these posts, Terri! <3
      I love sharing them.

  2. Nice pictures of a special wedding day!

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