08 March 2017

Our Wedding: Getting Ready

I'm so excited to start Our Wedding Series! Our big day was back in February and we've been a little anxious to share our photos with you all. So, to kick off the series, I'm starting with the first installment: Getting Ready. The night before the wedding Alex & I spent the night apart - it was hard too. He stayed at his parents' house, while I stayed at our place with my bridesmaids (and Olive). Caitlin, Megan, Jessie and I had a blast too! There were a lot of face masks, singing to Hall & Oates, and laughter that occurred. It was definitely a night full of lovely memories that I will always cherish. I don't think we made it to bed until midnight either... but somehow Megan and I managed to wake up before everyone else around 6AM. As a result, there was lots of coffee at breakfast because of it.

Around 9AM Caitlin, Megan, Jessie and I headed to Bird Island Lake Ranch to start setting up for the wedding. The process was pretty cool, especially when I began to see the vision that Alex & I had set in our minds. Once it was all done, my bridesmaids and I started the process of getting ready. The bridal suite was at the venue, so it made things a lot easier. Even though we started this awhile before Laura arrived, she still managed to get a few wonderful shots of the four of us.

As far as my makeup went, I didn't want to go outside of my daily routine. Because above all I just wanted to look like myself. So I only used the bare essentials in terms of makeup, like I always do. I used Too Faced's Better Than Sex waterproof mascara, the Naked 3 palette for my eye shadow, a borrowed tube of NYX lipstick in the colour Tea Rose (from Megan), a soft pink blush by Clinique, Revlon's colorstay eyebrow pencil. Megan did add some slight highlighting here and there for me too.

My sister Caitlin did my hair. Which turned out looking exactly as I had wanted it - I felt like a freakin' princess! Megan did her hair, Caitlin's and Jessie's. She also had the great idea of adding baby's breath to the hairstyles. I'm glad she thought to do so too, because I loved the way it looked. We did run into a little snafu though. My crown kept slipping down and we were all a little unsure how to make it stop. I eventually found some short bobby pins and it didn't slip the entire night - even throughout all of my dancing!

To be honest, the best part of getting ready was being surrounded by my family and friends. Once I finished getting ready, it was really calming to help Caitlin, Megan and Jessie with the little things they needed. We listened to Tears For Fears "Songs From The Big Chair" as my sister and I sung along. My mom came into to check on me and it was such a special time. There I was getting ready for the most special day of my life with all of my favourite people around me. The room was buzzing with love, excitement and a little stress. But I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
The closer it got to the time I was supposed to walk down the aisle the more excited I became. It was funny too, looking out the window of the bridal suite and seeing everyone sitting down on the benches waiting for me. Thirty minutes before the ceremony, I opened the handwritten letter that Alex had given me. The envelope had heart drawn on it with a capital D in the middle. It was in this moment that it hit me. That today was the day, the day that I was going to marry the man of my dreams. And I'll never forget that moment, reading his handwriting, holding back tears. I still get a little teary eyed whenever I think about it. Reading that letter from Alex made me feel so safe and excited in that moment. And dare I say, not nervous at all! His words made me brave.

My Wedding Dress: I had to piece together my wedding dress to get the look I wanted because I couldn't seem to find what I had envisioned. So instead of my dress being one piece, it consisted of two separate pieces. The cropped lace top is by E.SSUE and the tulle skirt is by Terani Couture
My Headpiece: Megan handmade my crown using hematite quartz crystals, to match the boutonniere I made Alex.
My Shoes: Burgundy velvet flats by Bamboo, that matched the color of Alex's blazer.
My Jewelry: I have three ear piercings, so I wore burgundy swarovski crystal triangle earrings (since Alex & I are fire signs), a pair of sterling silver bunny earrings that Alex gave me specifically for our wedding (to represent Olive) and simple sterling silver ball studs. I also wore my great aunt's white gold and diamond antique bracelet that my grandpa gave to me many years ago.
Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Next Wednesday I'll be back with even more wedding photos and stories from our big day. So stay tuned! If you interested in a little more details you can head over to my last post, "Our Wedding Day Details".

Photography: Laura Davis Photo


  1. Loved seeing your photos and reading this!!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I had fun sharing it all.