06 July 2017

My Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Here’s the thing . . . deep down, I actually love cleaning. Especially vacuuming and dusting - you know the ones that have immediate results. My least favorite chore is laundry. Don’t get me wrong - tossing clothes into the washer and dryer are the easy part. It’s the folding that gets me. But as much as I enjoy cleaning it is still something that isn’t always on the top of my list. Yet as a homemaker, if I don’t make time for it, it piles up and I’m left with having to spend the whole day tackling something that I could have spent thirty minutes a day on.

With that in mind, I found that having a weekly schedule of daily cleaning tasks makes it a lot more manageable. Now there are things that I do daily to help make my life easier - and more home a lot more tidy during the in between. 

Looking for a reusable print out? Head over here.

Here's what my Weekly Cleaning Schedule looks like:

MONDAY Laundry: bed sheets and towels + clean bathrooms
TUESDAY Dust + Laundry: Olive's bedding
WEDNESDAY Vacuum all areas
THURSDAY Clean fish bowl + Mop all areas
FRIDAY Remove expired food from the fridge
SATURDAY Laundry: Delicate/Regular + Deep clean all water tumblers

Some daily tasks to keep things tidy:

  • Sweep living room, dining room and kitchen.

  • Start the dishwasher every night after dinner and unload first thing in the morning.

  • Clean the kitchen counters and the stove. Sometimes an extra vacuum session.

  • General tidiness -remove any random messes and put things where they belong. This includes laundry. If it takes less than a minute to do - do it!

Obviously, this isn't something that is new to any of you, or rocket science, but I always enjoy finding out how other people stay on top of things. Or how they implement it. Do you have a cleaning schedule that you stick to? Does it differ from mine? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!


  1. Our cleaning service may have to go when I retire, so I need to pay attention to schedules that work for others! My laundry day is Sunday and I do tidy up between visits from our wonderful Nelly.

    1. The goal is to span it across a few days. It makes it less daunting.