17 March 2017

Weekend Vibes - Last Saturday

Amongst all the hustle and bustle of getting my last post ready, I forget to share the fun that Alex & I had last weekend. On Saturday we decided that we were going to treat our day as if we were on vacation. We had a blast too! We went downtown to the farmers market and explored the Spring Obsession plant sale. We even found some new businesses downtown; a popcorn place and a record store (that we weren't that impressed by, but whatever).

I got a delicious cruffin from Born & Bread Bakery, which was delicious as always. You can thank Alex for the chocolate smeared on my face. Bad decision! Then we went to La Carreta Mexican Restaurant for margaritas and chips and salsa at 11:30 in the morning. Which is my new favourite thing now. We loved it so much that this Saturday we'll be making margaritas with homemade margarita mix.
Afterwards we went to our new favourite comic book store in town, Uncanny Heroes. Alex just started collecting X-Men comics from the 90's. Which is kind of cute, because it's really like a time machine for him. He's rediscovering all of the comic books he had when he was a teenager. It's so cool to hear his stories, about when he first read them and how he felt about them. So far he has found some incredible comic books, in pristine condition. Just the other day he found a set of three Venom comic books in pristine condition. Mike, at the shop, said that Alex has to promise him to get them slabbed, because they have a rating of 9.4! Insane. Now to get them signed...
Once we left the comic book store we made our way to Hillcrest Coffee. They are a new coffee shop in town with old school coffeehouse vibes. Lots of cozy decor and delicious drinks. We ended up having tea and cold brew. I spent my time there writing, while Alex read his comic books.
All in all it was a truly perfect Saturday. I'm glad we took advantage of it as well, because I think from here on out Alex will have Sundays and Mondays off. Which I'm fine with since I don't work either of those day. So yeah, our last Saturday went out with a bang.


  1. I need to find that new coffee shop and the new Mexican restaurant. We just don't get downtown often enough! Joe and I are really into Walking Dead and I didn't know until a few weeks ago that it started as a comic book! Wow! Fun, fun!!

    1. That's so cool that you and Joe are watching the Walking Dead. Alex watched it as well! I thought it was cool that it started as a comic book too!

      Whenever you make it to the coffee shop and the Mexican restaurant, let me know!