16 November 2022

A little life update . . . 'cause it's been awhile.

Life has been pretty good lately. Our little one is almost four years old and I think it's safe to say that we finally have a hold on parenting (at least the way we want to parent). It's definitely been a learning curve - realizing our triggers and how to minimize them, discussing the type of parents we want to be, and figuring out what's best for our family. Becoming a mother has been such an eye-opening and worthwhile experience. 

 I never knew I could change as much as I have. I've leaned into it every single day. These years have gone by so quickly but I have no regret in how they have been spent. I've made it a point to be present, to focus more on homemaking, and being there for my family. It's really interesting how, once having a kid, your perspectives shift. 

 This year has been full of good things . . . Alex got a new job, which has truly been such a blessing for our family. I am forever grateful for his hard-work and determination to take care of our family. We visited Maine in late September (it was truly so nice to get away from the heat and all of the people here in Central Florida). And we're headed up to Savannah early next year and I'm looking forward to seeing relatives and spending quality time with them all.

 And now we get to look forward to the holiday season . . . I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to decorate for christmas right now but I'm going to hold out until the Saturday after Thanksgiving (which has always been our tradition). 


I hope everyone has a lovely rest of the year - I probably won't be on here again until then. 

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