22 June 2018

Happy Three Years! It's Olive's 'Gotcha Day'.

Three years ago today, I visited Gainesville Rabbit Rescue looking to adopt. I had seen one bunny on their adoption site and when I got there he wasn't available. So I spent almost an hour doing a meet and greet with a couple bunnies. The first one I met glared at me from a corner and thumped the entire time. The other ones weren't a good fit either. Then Kathy, the loving owner of GRR, told me about "Roxanne". She was a rescue from a hoarder house situation in Georgia. The white spotted bunny was almost a year old and actually had babies already. I was shown the sweet, pretty little girl and decided to get into the bunny pen with her to see if we connected at all.

I remember sitting on the floor of that bunny pen hoping that this bunny would choose me. She hopped around the pen, hopped up to me and I petted her for a while. Kathy then suggested that I pick "Roxanne" up and see how it went. Sure enough, this little bun trusted me enough to let me hold her in my arms. Megan captured the moment too, and I still cherish it to this day. It was our first time together after all. You can see it below...
Then Megan placed the pet carrier in the pen and the next thing I see is the bunny hopping into the pet carrier. She decided that we were meant to be. It was then that "Roxanne" became Olive. And our lives would change forever. It's funny how us humans think that we're the ones that rescue these sweet creatures, and yes - in a way we do, but this bunny has truly changed my life. I love you Olive, we're so lucky to have you in our family.

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  1. Ah... happy Gotcha Day, Olive!! And to you, too, Danielle!! She is one lucky bunny! She is also adorable!

    1. Thank you, Terri. That little bunny is definitely my first born. Lol.