26 January 2015

The Perfect French Pressed Coffee

I've always been obsessed with French pressed coffee, sometimes a little too obsessed. I've been determined to find the perfect recipe and I believe that I finally have: For every cup of water, use 2 scoops of coffee grounds. If you like your coffee strong, like I do, then give this recipe a try.
Place the grounds into the french press.
Bring the water to an almost boil and let it sit for a minute.
Pour the hot water into the french press.
Stir the bloom of the coffee grounds into the water.
Place the lid on the french press and let it sit for 5 minutes.
And viola! You have the most perfect cup of french pressed coffee!


  1. I have the Keurig but to be honest I kind of just want one of these! ha ha! :)

  2. We could never seem to make the coffee strong enough in our Keurig so we exchanged it for a regular coffee maker But I love love love that French press.