27 February 2015

My Catch-All To-Do-List

It's almost March and how this happened so quickly, I have no idea. Either way there has been a lot of to-do items bouncing around my head, as well as many different lists. So, I've decided to place them here for easier, and less chaotic, keeping.
  • take a self-portrait to document my shorter hair (I need a new one for my "about" page on here
  •  find a long, boyfriend style black sweater
  • go on a photo-taking expedition
  • write more poertry
  • read more of House of Leaves
  • watch more Gossip Girl (I've become ridiculously addicted)
  • look up fun things to do and places to go in New Orleans that I didn't see or do during our last visit
  • buy a fiber lash mascara (for some reason I am intrigued)
  • spend time with Brooke
  • teach Megan how to use my sewing machine
  • sew more
  • DIY rip my new skinny jeans DONE!
  • make the leg openings smaller on another pair of skinny jeans
  • start deciding what to pack, clothing wise, for our NOLA trip
  • work on my grimoire
  • study more Nocturnal Witchcraft
  • stop postponing math homework


  1. I don't know where to find your sweater but in the guys section at Target they had really cute old man cardis! :)

    1. I fell in love with one at the Loft that was on clearance and completely sold out. Now all of the sweaters I see are being held to that standard. It's ridiculous.

      I'll have to check out Target though. Thanks for the heads up.