11 February 2015

The Correlation Between Blogging & Chapters In Life

Sometimes I miss my old blog... Sometimes I think about blogging in that space again, a lot actually. And then I think about all that has happened between now and the last time I posted there. So much so that I felt as though I needed to start fresh, because something within me had changed. I was the same, but not, and because of that shift, I started this blog - in hopes of documenting my life in a new way, a way where I could control more of what I put out into the world. Because honestly, my old self, that open-book-of-a-girl, was feeling too exposed and I needed a different space to share the way I wanted to share.

In an almost comical way, I feel sad for leaving my old blog behind. I feel guilty for moving on in life without it. As of now it stands as a reminder of the many chapters in my life. I started that blog a little over a year after I married my now ex-husband. I was a twenty-five year old newlywed. I was young and contemplating what to do with my life. During those years I went back to college with hopes of becoming a teacher. I cut negativity out of my life, lost touch with old friends and made new ones. Across those pages and posts of that blog I redefined myself, I became in touch with myself, I grew as a person. Four years of my life are represented on that blog. A blog where I shared every single photo I wanted to share, every ancient memory, every little thought, every event, every single word that I needed so badly to express.

I'm thirty now and I don't blog as much as I used to. I do miss it, but I am accepting of the fact that now I spend more time living life without the constant need to document. I focus more on enjoying the moment, and sharing more with the people in my life, and a lot less in the digital world. And as much as I miss my old blog, I look to this one with hope and a smile on my face in regards to of what the future has in store for me; countless journeys in which to fill up the pages of this blog with what I see fit.


  1. i too have stopped blogging as much, and where i used to document every event i went to or every time i went out, nowadays i don't photograph much. instead, i'm trying to be more contemplative and to really learn from all my experiences. thus, i too have created another blog, one for my writing instead. i still post on both, where my tender roots blog is mostly updates of life and my writing blog is my prose, creative writing exercises. i like having both :)

    1. I always used to have the camera in front of my face during social outings. Thankfully I have really put that aside. I've been able to spend more time being present in the moment (like you are talking about) which allows me to spend some quality alone time with my camera in the form of something more artistic than documentation oriented. I like it a lot better this way too.

      I'm glad to hear that you have another blog for means of creativity. Life is too short to not be creative when you can.