24 March 2015

A Symbol for the Death of My Twenties

When I first found out about Mordaunte's coffin shaped gemstones, I knew I had to have one for myself. Especially since in  December, my thirtieth birthday was upon me. I was celebrating the "death of my twenties" and I thought that a coffin-shaped ring would be perfect. I was ecstatic and spent most of my time determining which gemstone to get. With such a wide variety of colours to choose from it was a little difficult. I went back and forth between a dark blue spinel, garnet, and a dark green spinel. I was even intrigued by the champagne topaz.
I decided on the garnet, since it has always been my favourite gemstone. I emailed Joni, the lady behind Mordaunte, and was informed that the 5 carat garnets were sadly on back order until the end of January. To say I was only a little bummed would be a lie. Being the amazing woman that she is, she told me she would contact her gemologist to see if there was any way a rush order could be done. I couldn't believe how sweet Joni was, even after all of my many (and slightly frantic) emails to her. She remained pleasant and always made me feel as though she was going above and beyond for me. Which would soon be proven...
A quoted arrival date of January 15th surprisingly turned into me receiving my gorgeous, garnet coffin shaped ring a week after my birthday. I've been wearing that ring ever since and I am still in love with it. The craftsmanship is perfect and I know that I will cherish this ring for years to come.
Just in case you were wondering if this post is sponsored, it isn't I am just in love with my ring, and so thankful to Joni, that I felt as though I needed to share this story here on my blog. If you're looking for a unique and perfectly gothic ring, not to mention great customer service, I suggest you head over to Mordaunte's. It's nicknamed Morbid Tiffany's for a reason.


  1. well i just found the newest item on my wishlist! it's absolutely gorgeous!

    1. What colour were you thinking about getting? :)