17 September 2015

Accepting Our Past, In An Attempt To Grow

And we make it through the days. Hour by hour, minute by minute. Sometimes we ponder what the future might hold. While other times our mind is stuck reliving the past. And we all know that the past isn't always good. There are heartaches that we may not have fully healed from. There are happy moments that we wish would never end. There is loss, sadness, pain, and betrayal. But there is also love, compassion, encouragement, and knowledge. All representing a life well spent, a life well lived. So, in those moments when life feels stagnant, overwhelming, or bleak, try to remember all that you have accomplished. Try to recall all the hands that your own have held, all of the hugs, the kisses, the tears, and the smiles. All of it has been for a reason if we choose to accept our past and grow as a result. All of it has led to who you are now and inevitably create who you will turn into as well.

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