22 November 2015

A List of Love

Today I am starting a new series called, "A List of Love" where I will focus on sharing with you the things that I am loving each month, as well as stating what I am thankful. And I'd love for you to join me! Sometimes it can be hard for some of us to state what we are thankful for. There may be a part of us that feels as though we are bragging, but I see it a different way. I view it as a way for us to keep things in perspective and to be aware of how lucky we truly are. It all comes down to mindfulness.

This month I am thankful for: my health and the health of my loved ones. The clothes on my back, the roof over my head, the car that gets me to and from a job that I cherish. My family, my friends and my boyfriend. I am thankful for the love and understanding from the ones that surround me on a daily basis and for the safety (both physically and emotionally) that they provide.

Things that I have been loving:
  • date nights with Alex
  • warm, frothy lattes at local coffee shops
  • long maxi skirts with slits
  • soft, cozy sweaters
  • finally being able to wear boots
  • the new City and Colour album
  • having Olive snuggled in bed between Alex & I
  • meditating
  • writing more
  • the sound of rain against the window as Alex and I cuddle in bed in silence
  • goat cheese on toast with mashed raspberries
  • delicious, homemade dinners (thanks, Alex)

Now I encourage you to create your own list of love. You can write it in the comments below or make your own post. If you do make a post, be sure to leave the link to it in the comments section. I can't wait to see your lists! Also, you are more than welcome to use the image above on your blog post - just make sure to credit me.

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