10 December 2015

Life has been weird lately. Weird, but good.

I've been looking through these posts here on my blog and I realized that I haven't really been writing much about my life lately. And in a way, it seems weird. So, I'm wanting to change that.
Life has been weird, but good.
A lot has been happening lately. Since the divorce I have been living with my parents while trying to get back on my feet. I've been saving money like crazy and looking forward to moving out sooner than later. Being in your thirties and living with your parents is weird. I swear my Mom still thinks I'm a little kid and every time I enter the kitchen she's telling me to wash my hands. (Mom, I know when I should wash my hands. I mean, how do you think I lived without you for almost ten years and survived?! lol).

Aside from that, living in a small bedroom with the majority of my furniture and other belongings packed up in boxes and stored in my parent's dining room is a little crazy. At first I felt disconnected - downsizing from my own house to one room is somewhat soul crushing, especially when it is a room at your parents. But I'm coping and trying to not focus on what I don't have while being thankful and grateful for the fact that my parents are so supportive, kind and loving as to let me stay with them. And there is a silver lining too!

Alex & I have been planning to move out together! I've been looking for apartments like a mad woman and the excitement level is getting out of control over here. The idea of living with him in our own place makes my heart skip a beat. My head is swimming with thoughts of decorating our own place, cooking meals together and just enjoying a space we can call our own. We're shooting for early next year, mainly because yours truly wants to make sure there is an abundance of money in savings before we move out, but mostly because it's hard finding a place that meets all of our qualifications.

So, yes. Life has been weird lately but it's to be expected when the life you've known for almost ten years is uprooted. But it has also been really, really good too. My life has been filled with a lot of love on all fronts, emotional stability, fun and new experiences, love from family (Alex's family too!) and friends. I'm really grateful for Alex too. He's been extremely supportive of me every step of the way.
I love this man and I am so glad that he loves me too!

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