16 December 2015

A Small & Personalized Gift Guide

In years past I have been guilty of overbuying when it comes to christmas gifts. It's a funny thing really, because sometimes all those gifts aren't appreciated as much as we thought they would be. This year I've downsized the amount of gifts that I give to each person, focusing more on smaller gifts while making sure they are highly personalized. It takes some thought and planning, but it makes the smaller gifts even more memorable.

I've compiled a little gift guide for those of you who are still looking for gift ideas. It's almost christmas, so I figured this might come in handy for those of you who have waited until the last minute. ;)

Chef Extraordinaire
Do you have a chef or an ultimate foodie on your list? Create a gift that caters to them with cooking or artisanal items in mind. Find some cute dishtowels, a unique non-stick cooking utensils and a little cookbook. Maybe even throw in some flavoured sea salts!

Tea Lover
Does your friend really like tea and reading? Get them a beautiful antique tea cup and saucer, a box of flavored teas and a cozy blanket. With these awesome gifts you've managed to create a special moment for them.

Entertainment Nerd
If your friend is obsessed with a show, movie or comic - this is the way to go. My step-dad loves Seinfeld. So much so that one year I managed to get him a Kramer shirt, an astronaut pen and a box of The Soupman's lobster bisque. The Seinfeld references ran a muck the rest of the day. It was an absolute hit!

Coffee Addict
This one is super easy. Get a friend a bag of super, fancy coffee and a kick ass mug that caters to their personality. I would definitely add some of their favourite candy inside the mug to really kick it up a notch. Looking for an extra caffeine hit? Add some chocolate covered espresso beans!

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