16 February 2016

Through the Eyes of Love

I don't think I'll ever get over the reality of how much you truly understand and love me. I will always be baffled by the fact that you accept me, with all of my flaws and with no desire to change me. And when you tell me that I am the best woman that you have ever known - I believe you, even when I don't believe that I am worthy of that title. I'm thankful for you, because as each day passes I slowly begin to see myself through your eyes.

I know that you aren't able to see the man that I am able to see so clearly. You have difficulty seeing your self worth. You have a hard time accepting your strength, humor, handsomeness and all the other aspects that make you amazing. But darling, all of that is within you. You are all that I see - the only man that I want - and I will always tell you that. It doesn't matter to me if it takes fifty years for it to sink in. I promise that I'll keep holding your hand and telling you how incredible you truly are.

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