26 May 2016

Down In the Park

This past Monday Alex & I went to the park. It was during the time of day when the heat hadn't yet reached it's pinnacle. We took my sister's dog Molly with us, procured some boba tea for me and headed out to explore. Alex had never been to Peterson Park before and since I spent a lot of my childhood there I thought it would be fun to explore. We went for a walk on the boardwalk that winds itself through the trees, jutting itself up against the lake that calmly sits behind the park. After we reached the end, Alex & I had an idea to walk underneath the boardwalk. It was so much more magical than the boardwalk and with the little, rocky hills - we had a blast. I didn't have my camera with me, so these phone photos will suffice.
20 May 2016

These Words

There's something inexplicable in how your cheek feels when it is pressed against mine, the smell of your hair, or the touch of your skin. And yet I keep finding myself trying to express it. All that I am able to muster up are a series of words that by themselves don't seem to do justice to the feelings that reside. There are no perfectly constructed sentences, no drawn out paragraphs that run on for miles. There are just words: bliss, warmth, magic, history, future, love, soul, tranquility.
18 May 2016


This man is incredible. His creativity, humour, hard work and love for me is inspiring. He somehow manages to love me when I am at my absolute worst (even when all I want to do is collapse into anxiety, anger or self-loathing). I don't think I will ever be able to see the person I am through his eyes, but if it is anything like the person I see when I look at him at least I know I can comprehend it. My whole life has lead up to meeting him again and I cannot imagine being with anyone else. I can't wait to be his wife.

Photo: Laura Davis Photo
13 May 2016

Heavy With Sleep

The other night I had an idea for something to write. Not a poem or a short story, but a snippet of my feelings for you. It came to me when my mind was heavy with sleep and I went to bed without being able to write anything down. But the next morning when I looked into your eyes, the feeling I had felt the night before washed over me.
10 May 2016

A BFF Trip To Atlanta (in one day!)

The Sunday before this past Sunday (aka mother's day) I drove to Atlanta with my best friend, Megan so she could try on wedding dresses since she's getting married this coming October. It was a long drive consisting of 7 hours each way and we did it all in one day. It was long and exhausting, but well worth it because Megan ended up finding her dress and I am seriously over the moon for her. I even made a little video to commemorate our first long distance road trip together!
We went to BHLDN, the wedding sister store of Anthropologie and if I hadn't of already found my wedding dress, I would have definitely had a hard time choosing one from all of their gorgeous gowns. The dress that Megan chose is perfect and she looked so stunningly beautiful that I ended up crying when I saw her in it.

Before we took the long drive back home we stopped at Amelie's French Bakery for dinner and some much needed caffeine which was an excellent idea since we didn't get home until around 2AM.

If you'd like to see our video, here it is:
05 May 2016

An Ode to a Sleepy Town

 A little after Alex & I came back home from Savannah I've missed spending all day with him. I've missed waking up whenever we felt like it. We woke up to the sound of a thousand birds greeting us as we slowly opened our eyes, limbs still entwined. We'd get dressed and head down to the coffee shop nestled right on the edge of Forsyth Park. We'd walk through the park, holding hands and commenting on the ridiculous things we'd see. Once we reached Sentient Bean we'd order our lattes and do one of two things; read our books, or talk. It's not much different from what we do at our coffee shop at home, but it was definitely laced with a different feeling - a feeling that kept whispering that somehow this sleepy town felt like home.
03 May 2016

Our Savannah Vacation Video

I finally finished our Savannah vacation video!

Let me know what you think. :)