10 May 2016

A BFF Trip To Atlanta (in one day!)

The Sunday before this past Sunday (aka mother's day) I drove to Atlanta with my best friend, Megan so she could try on wedding dresses since she's getting married this coming October. It was a long drive consisting of 7 hours each way and we did it all in one day. It was long and exhausting, but well worth it because Megan ended up finding her dress and I am seriously over the moon for her. I even made a little video to commemorate our first long distance road trip together!
We went to BHLDN, the wedding sister store of Anthropologie and if I hadn't of already found my wedding dress, I would have definitely had a hard time choosing one from all of their gorgeous gowns. The dress that Megan chose is perfect and she looked so stunningly beautiful that I ended up crying when I saw her in it.

Before we took the long drive back home we stopped at Amelie's French Bakery for dinner and some much needed caffeine which was an excellent idea since we didn't get home until around 2AM.

If you'd like to see our video, here it is:


  1. What fun! Loved seeing the video and getting a glance at Megan's dress!! How have I missed knowing that she is engaged?!! So happy for both of you! Great post Danielle!

    1. It really was a blast! Megan and Justin have been engaged for awhile now but finally getting married this year. :)