08 June 2016

Our First Beach Trip & More

This past weekend was incredible and I've been so busy playing catch up on housework and my side hustle (hello, freelance content writing!) that I haven't had time to sit down and write a post about our weekend spent together aka three whole days of awesomeness.

Saturday was what really kicked the weekend into fun overdrive. Alex & I went to Ikea a found a few things outside of our main objective, which was to replace one of our chipped plates. I ended up buying the wooden tray I've been wanting for awhile and something else that I can't seem to recall - because it was probably something random Alex threw into the cart.

After we made it out of the maze that is Ikea we went to the oddities shop in downtown Ybor, Dysfunctional Graces. It was incredible and I want to take half of the store home with me. There was so much antique medical equipment, coffins and bedazzled taxidermy that my mouth was left open the whole time we were in there.

After that, I needed some espresso and we made our way to  Blind  Tiger where I had the most delicious double shot espresso with sweetened condensed  milk. It was so good that drinking espresso without condensed milk makes me feel as though I've been bamboozled.

We then drove down to Saint Petersburg and before we made it to the beach we stopped by Bandit Coffee Co. and enjoyed some delicious housemade mocha lattes. Their coffee was to die for and the whole setup, vibe and constant rotation of 80's new wave made me want to live there for awhile.

For dinner we went to Casita Taqueria for super delicious tacos. I had a chorizo one and I wish I hadn't ordered just one. Once we finished dinner, we stopped by Goodwill where found a wooden coat rack stand and a Suffolk Pottery sugar bowl - both of which I am delighted with and paid almost nothing for.

Then we finally made it to the beach and it was perfect, aside from more people than we both would have wanted. But the weather was nice, the ocean felt fantastic and I got to watch the sunset with the love of my life. We made a pact that next Next time we go to the beach it will be much later after the sun has gone down so we can avoid all of the people.So yeah, that was my awesome weekend all wrapped up in one whole day because on Sunday and Monday we didn't do much except for finishing Lady Dynamite (Maira Bamford, I love you!) and watching Aquarius (David Duchovny, I love you too!)

Also, Alex has been creating artwork like crazy, he will be attending an art show in July and what he has created so far has been incredible and I'm not just saying that cause he's mine. If you'd like to checkout his progress or see some of the art he will be selling you can follow him on Instagram.

I will also been making some of my yarn wall hangings for the art show too. I have them all drawn up, I just need to start making them. Hah.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend and  I wish you an awesome rest  of the week as well.

Do you have any plans for this coming weekend?


  1. I always love your posts! What a fun time you had. We love St. Pete Beach and are heading over that way this weekend. We do our shopping at Mazzaro's Italian Market, though. I'm heading over to Instagram to check out the artwork!

    1. My Mom & step-Dad have actually been to Mazzaro's and they love it too. I'm thinking Alex & I just might have to go as well.

      Thanks for taking the time to check out Alex's instagram. He hasn't posted too much of the artwork he is currently working on, but it's really neat and relies heavy on mixed media. :)

  2. Of all the times I've been to Ybor, I have not been to Dysfunctional Graces but it sounds awesome! Also, I would LOVE to see more of your yarn wall hangings. All sounds like it's a really lovely summer thus far :)

    1. I think Dysfunctional Graces started in St. Pete.. at least that's what I heard a year ago. Next time you're in Florida you should definitely check it out.

      As for the wall hangings, my goal is to post them on etsy soon. I really need to take some photos of them before hand. Lol.

  3. I'm so glad you had such a fun time! I will say I am so
    jelly that you have an oddities shop near you... I would love that!

    1. Thanks Kasee!

      Oddities shops are pretty awesome. I wish you had one near you.