21 July 2016

Olive's Getting A Rabbitat

A few days ago Alex & I decided that it was time to get Olive a new rabbitat. The cage I initially bought for her, which was over a year ago, has reached it's maximum potential. It's not that there's anything wrong with it; I just feel as though it's too small. Olive hasn't grown by any means - I think she might have gained a half a pound - but I know that a 28 inch long cage isn't really cutting it because recently she has spent most of her time outside of her cage, lying on the floor next to our bed.

So we ordered her a puppy playpen that we're going to turn into a 24 inch wide by 78-inch long rectangular cage. Which means A LOT more room for that little bun. I'm getting pretty excited too. I've decided I'm going to keep the base of her current cage so it placed inside one end of her new cage. It will hold her litter box and there is enough room for her food to go in there as well. Besides, I think if she lost her perch & hidey hutch she would be pretty bummed. I think I'll also be placing her "sublimation chamber" at the other end of the new cage. It's essentially a mesh pop-up laundry basket with sheets stuffed inside it. She loves digging in there and it's funny to see her wear herself out afterward.

As for now, we're trying to decide what to place on top of the new cage, because it is only 24 inches high and her furry little butt can jump higher than that. I was going to get a 30-inch high playpen, but then it wouldn't be able to fit under the desk we have and we wanted the desk to act as a partial cover in the middle of the cage. However, it will leave the two ends exposed. Perhaps pieces of wood or fabric? I mean I could risk it and leave it exposed, but Olive is a major klutz. She's fallen off the bed, off her hidey hutch - while she was sleeping - and managed to get trapped in between her cage and the wall. There's no way I trust her. Haha.

I will most likely take photos of her new rabbitat once the pen arrives.

If you have any suggestions as to what to place on top of the two exposed ends, please leave a comment below!


  1. I'm excited for Olive to get a new 'house' too! She will feel so special! As to what to put on top of it....haven't a clue! Why not wait and see if she really tries to jump out? She may be so happy with her new digs that she doesn't even look up!! :)

    1. I could definitely do a supervised trial to see if she even would jump out. That's a good idea!