16 September 2016

Our Life: Currently

I feel likes it's been awhile since I did a post where I just write about what's going on in our life,
so here ya go...

Things have been pretty busy around here. My best friend is getting married in two weeks and I seriously cannot wait! I'm so happy for her and this wedding has been a long time coming. The bridesmaid dress that I'm wearing for her wedding is anxiously waiting too. It's so pretty - you can see it here. Another exciting part about Megan's wedding is that her sister and I will be making the "naked style" wedding cake. I'm slightly nervous but also very honored. Alex & I had to find him a suit, since he doesn't have one, but luckily we've found the perfect slim fit jacket and dress pants. He looks very handsome too!

This Sunday Alex's Mom and I are going to my wedding venue so I can show her what it will look like with all of the tables and benches set up. We also need to try out my parent's Harmon/Kardon wireless speaker to make sure that it is loud enough since the venue is outdoors. Did I mention in my wedding planning update that Alex & I are making our own playlist? We've broken out our chosen songs into separate playlists (like dinner music and dancing music) to make it easier on Derrick. As for creating the decor pieces... I haven't even started on that yet. Soon enough though.

Alex & I finally had a chance to create his Etsy shop for all of his artwork and he has another art show on October 1st. We spent the majority of Monday setting it all up, me taking the photos and Alex figuring out the names of the pieces and the prices. He's been making art like a madman and it's been so nice to see him create such awesome and bad ass pieces. I might be a little bias, but I LOVE his artwork.

Speaking of Etsy, I finally added some natural elements bracelets to my Etsy shop. The bracelets are made with amethyst, lava rocks and freshwater pearls. I'm loving how simple they are - and the fact that they are all natural, with stones that have so much meaning behind them.

And if you're interested, Alex & I both created Facebook and Instagram pages for our shop. You can check them out below:
Unspoken Spells Co. | Instagram | Facebook |
Sleestak Lightning Co. | Instagram | Facebook |


  1. Your dress for Megan's wedding is GORGEOUS!! You will look amazing in that color too! I can't wait to see the photos! I 'liked' both of your FB pages and have visited the Etsy shops! You are doing such a great job, Danielle!!


    1. Thank you so much Terri. You're encouragement in regards to the etsy shops means a lot to us.

      Also I really love the color of that bridesmaid dress too! :)