01 December 2016

Our "First" Christmas

This isn't really our first christmas together. It was actually our first christmas last year, but this is our first christmas engaged and living on our own. So, in honor of all that awesomeness, we knew that this year we had to go all out as far as decorating. We needed a lot of decorations though...
We needed ornaments, a star, a tree skirt and most importantly a tree. So we went out and found some cool ornaments. Matte red ones and iridescent clear ones that I plan on one day filling with random things that remind me of us. We found two iridescent feather ornaments to symbolize our engagement, since we have feathers on our wedding invitations. We even found a wooden rabbit ornament for Olive! But I think Alex's favourite ornaments are his kawaii Marvel ones. ;)
At first I had my heart set on a real tree - and honestly we had planned for one - but when it came down to it, we decided that an artificial tree was the way to go. Especially because the way our living room is set up it doesn't really allow for the big tree I wanted.
We started decorating the day after Thanksgiving, because if I can squeeze out more of christmas I can and will. We listened to She & Him and had such a lovely time decorating the tree and putting the finishing holiday touches all throughout our space. Since we don't have a fireplace we attached a branch to our wall and hung our stockings from it. The dark brown for Alex, the grey for me, and the white for Olive. I really love how it turned out too!

And it was really sweet, after it was all set up. Alex grabbed me in his arms, kissed me and said, "Look! It's our first christmas tree together. It's perfect." And he is right. It IS perfect.

If you're looking for some gift ideas you can checkout the small gift guide I did last year.

When do you start decorating for christmas? What is your favourite ornament? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. We usually start right after Thanksgiving, but only got the outside done last weekend. I work on the inside a little each evening now. My favorite ornament is one that was always on our tree when I was growing up. It's a strawberry and the paint is fading and it is chipped but holds years of memories and lots of love. Maybe I'll put a photo on my blog....

    Your decorations are perfect and that twig with your stockings on it is such a great idea!

  2. I would love to see a photo of your favourite ornament. It sounds so sweet! My mom gave me my baby ornament from my first Christmas and it is truly a treasured ornament of mine.

    Thank you for the compliment on our decorations. It was fun putting it all up!