10 December 2016

The Pre-Birthday Gift Opening of 2016

Since last year, my family has no protocols when it comes to the rules of gift giving. It's all fast and loose over here... gifts given before birthdays and all of the christmas presents opened on christmas eve. No rules whatsoever. Who would have known that Alex would have fit right in.

Well, as you might know (from my last post) my birthday isn't until next week. Initially there was talk of him letting me open all my gifts on Thursday and not on my actual birthday and I obliged. Even though I'm pretty hard lined when it comes to the rules of gift giving. You open it the day of and that's that. No exceptions!

But on Thursday Alex was SO ANXIOUS to give me my gifts. While I was on the phone with him after work, he told me that he wanted me to open one gift and the rest the next day. I obliged. I opened the gift and next thing I know he had me opening two more.... then by the end of the night all five gifts were opened and I was high from all the excitement.

Needless to say, Alex is the best gift giver ever. He makes me feel so lame when it comes to presents. And my favourite one, is the aqua Chantal teakettle. What's even more cool is the fact that I have been wanting to buy that exact one for myself for the past three weeks and didn't. But here's the kicker - I didn't even tell Alex that I wanted it or was thinking about getting it. He just knew.

Usually I don't like sharing the gifts I get, because the whole materialistic game is not my jam, but I want to remember. So here it goes...

Nosferatu w/ music by Type O Negative DVD
Which is great because I had the VHS of this when I was 18 and it was stolen. Alex remembered me talking about it this past Halloween and found me an updated version.

We saw this cooler version of Jenga when we were in Target a few months ago and I told him how much I loved Jenga.

A Very She & Him Christmas on vinyl
We've been talking nonstop about starting a christmas vinyl collection. The first one of my list was this album because it's incredible.

The Classic Christmas '80s on vinyl
He knows my love of 80's music and christmas, so this is the perfect addition to our christmas vinyl collection.

Aqua Chantal Teakettle
I still can't believe he knew that I wanted this damn kettle. <3

He also gave me the sweetest card. Last year we made the decision that instead of birthday cards, we'd do hand written notes. This year he gave me a beautiful Papyrus card with a pretty stack of paper macarons on the front. Inside was a sweet, handwritten note that made me cry while I was reading it.