20 January 2017

Another Avenue

I don't think I'll ever forget the morning Alex & I walked from the Victorian Historic District to downtown Savannah. We stopped into antique shops and book stores along the way. He wanted to take me to this incredible diner for two reasons: 1) he loved their food and knew I would too and 2) he knows my obsession with good diners. For whatever reason inspired him to take me there, I'm glad he did.

So we sat there inside of J. Christopher's drinking our coffee and waiting on our food. I couldn't help but let my mind wander as I looked out onto the sidewalk. I sat there in a dream-like state, letting my mind create stories of our future together. I stumbled across the idea of living in Savannah with the man of my dreams.. thinking about what our lives would look like. Would our Saturday mornings be spent discussing our everyday lives at this same table? Would we discuss the finer points of life and decided if one day we would ever really want to have a baby?

And it's funny now, to look back on that and realize that a piece of us got left behind in that diner. Surely, it could have been another avenue our lives might have taken. Moving to Savannah, starting a life away from family and friends. But we opted to remain where we are. In a state that's too hot. In a city where we grew up, a charming town where we first met and then re-met again. Although we did carry a part of my daydream with us. Because now we both want what we both thought we never wanted before - at least not with anyone else.