15 January 2017

Olive: A Furry Little Update v.2

I'm pretty sure I've done a blog post with this same title before, but I'm just going to roll with it here.  For the most part, Olive is a cage free bun. She has the freedom to explore our room, and as much as we try to encourage her to leave our bedroom on her own free will, she doesn't Mainly because her little paws have a hard time moving around on the linoleum floor. But whenever we are home, even if we are in our bedroom or not, Olive's cage door is always left open. The majority of the time I'll scoop her up and bring her into the living room with us. Despite her having that same freedom when we are home, we always close her cage door whenever we aren't. Even though our room is heavily bunny-proofed, I still worry that she'll get hurt somehow. So it goes without saying that we would even close her cage door whenever we'd go to bed too...

Towards the end of last year Olive started to develop an annoying habit of violently shaking her cage door at six in the morning - like a furry, little convict wanting out of the cell. We couldn't figure out why either. At first I thought it was due to the time change and that maybe she just wanted her breakfast earlier than normal. So I'd comply and feed her at 6:00, instead of 7:00. However, I started to notice that she would only eat for a little bit and then automatically hop into bed with us. So, after a week or two of her rattling her cage door like a mad bun, Alex & I made the executive decision to let Olive roam free at night.

And it's been the best decision we've made. It makes all three of us very happy too. And yes, Olive loves to explore but the moment we turn out the lights she tends to settle down. The first night we left her cage door open she hopped into bed next to me and cuddle with me for a long time. So, that's become "our thing". Every morning when she feels like it, she'll hop into bed and cuddle with me. It is the sweetest thing ever. Even if she does have a tendency to start licking my face, I'll gladly take that over having to get out of bed to open that damn door. ;)