21 February 2017

Our Honeymoon - New Orleans

If your follow me on instagram you already know that our honeymoon was both incredible and cut a little shorter than Alex & I had planned. The Sunday after the wedding we took a flight to New Orleans and arrived there around 10am. The first thing we did was walk around in the French Quarter. Mostly because I wanted to give Alex a quick tour so he could get acquainted with the area.

We stayed at Hotel St Marie right in the middle of the French Quarter - which was perfect. They even gave us a complementary bottle of champagne! For our first day we went to Jackson Square, Stanley's, Cafe Du Monde, and we explored art galleries and little shops around the French Quarter. It was a busy first day, full of walking - according to my iPhone we had walked 5.1 miles!  The next day was more of the same in terms of just exploring the area. Alex & I had so much fun; we went to Tujagues for a beer and a gin fizz, and Brennan's for some incredible eggs benedict and more complementary champagne! We ate a lot of shrimp, po boys, beignets and drank a lot of king cake lattes and chicory coffee/ We also ate a Vacherie and The Grill - which is always delicious.
Once Tuesday rolled around we received a phone call from Megan that Olive wasn't too keen on her breakfast - and fearing a bout of GI stasis Alex & I decided that we would be leaving New Orleans later that evening to get back home to Olive. Before heading back, we explored the business district and went to the Audubon Insectarium and had a lovely time.
Needless to say, it was pretty dramatic trying to catch our flight though. There was an issue in terms of changing flights, which occurred at the last minute while we were in the airport. We ended up running through the airport Home Alone style just to catch our flight. Super dramatic, but we got back home around midnight. Olive was on the mend and we spent the rest of our honeymoon in town with our little bunny.
We had fun at home during the rest of our honeymoon. Aside from buying our first washer and dryer and a new, giant TV (Alex is very happy about that one) we ate at nice restaurant in town, Nineteen61, where we were given free tuna tar tare and grilled octopus with our drinks and dessert. Alex & I even found an awesome new coffee shop in town, called Hillcrest Coffee! Later that weekend we went to Orlando to explore the Mills 50 district. Where we went to East End Market, Park Ave CDs, Black Bean Deli, Carmine Boutique and The Strand.
Even though our honeymoon didn't really go as we had planned (since we had to leave two days early). We still had a wonderful time. And we can't wait to go back. Also, Olive is back to being her normal bunny self. What a scare!


  1. A trip to NOLA and a visit to Orlando sound absolutely perfect to me! Plus, you got to spend time with Olive, and she, after all, is part of the family too :) I'm so glad to hear that it was a great honeymoon, and it all sounds absolutely delicious. xo

    1. It truly was perfect. Spending time with Olive really did make it special too! Thanks, Yelle!