01 June 2017

"cease to resist, giving my goodbye"

 A few days ago a friend I've known since high school hung himself and I'm still in shock about it. It's a tragic thing. And honestly, that's a mild statement. Now another person's story isn't a story for me to tell. But I just needed to type this all out. I needed to remember my friend for who he was and what he brought to the lives of others. Including myself.

He was funny and sweet, caring and intelligent. Though these seem like such shallow words as I type them, but they are true. We spent so much of our high school years together, and sadly as we got older - sometime in our mid-twenties, we drifted apart. But that doesn't change the impact that was made, does it? I will never forget the afternoons after school spent at his house. His mom making us falafels, us listening to music (I'll never listen to the Pixies without thinking of him) and cracking jokes. We went to homecoming together as best friends. He made me feel appreciated and loved when I felt the complete opposite. He knew how to calm me down when my anxiety kicked into overdrive. He gave me advice, I hounded him for his choice in girlfriends, and he hounded me for me choice in boyfriends. He gave me a way out of the bleakness that was my teenage years and was an anchor when my life seemed to spiral out of control in my mid-twenties. And best of all, he could always make others laugh at the drop of a hat. Our last new year's eve spent together (2007) is one that will always hold a special place in my heart. Our friendship, even though our lives took separate paths, will always be one that I cherish.

I will miss you dearly, my friend. You are truly someone that I will never forget.

I struggled a great deal as to whether or not I should post this, but after reading my friend Sean's article on "Helping Yourself To Help Others; Being Strong While Dealing With Mental Illness", I knew that I needed to. Because the message he makes is one that is altruistic and it is something that is greatly needed in today's society.


  1. A lovely tribute to your friend. I'm glad you shared him with us.

    1. Thank you, Terri. It was nice to write it all out.