20 June 2017

How To Air Dry Your Hair Like A "French" Girl

The French-culture is one that I've adored since high school (way back when Amelie came out and I fell in love with all things French). All these years later, the French still hold a special place in my heart. But I'm not French, hence the quotation marks in the title, I'm actually Italian. Although I like to consider myself an honorary French girl. I can do that, right? Sure, why not!

Either way, I've started to immerse myself in French beauty routines and have found out that somehow I've always relied on French techniques without even knowing it. Some of the French-esq things that I've been doing forever: the majority of my wardrobe consists of monochrome colors, I hardly wear any makeup and I always air dry my hair. In fact, I didn't even own a hairdryer until Alex decided he needed one a few months back.

But air drying your hair takes a little know-how. Especially if you have hair like I do: naturally wavy. If that wasn't difficult enough, the strands of my hair are thin, but I have A LOT of it. This means disaster for someone who lives in a humidity-ridden state, like I do. Seriously, on most days in June the air is so thick with humidity it feels as if you're wading through water.

This is why properly air drying your hair is crucial. And yeah, it takes practice, as well as a little trial and error. But that's why I'm sharing some tips I've learned from all the years that I've air dried my hair. This way you can air dry your hair like a "French" girl and achieve an effortless look. Which is très chic!


1. Wash your hair at night. 
This is definitely rule number one. And for some people it might take some getting used to, especially if going to bed with damp hair irks you. If it really bothers you, you can do a loose braid or give yourself that Wednesday Addams look - just make sure the stretchies aren't too tight. Those braids will add some awesome waves once your hair is dry.

2. Use cold water at the end.
Once you've shampooed your hair and put conditioner in it, be sure to rinse it out with either lukewarm or cold water. I leave the conditioner on for at least five minutes. The colder the water the better. When you use cold water to rinse out the conditioner it closes the hair follicles so you get less frizz.

3. Gently towel dry your hair.
Remove as much moisture from your hair by gently squeezing out the excess water with your hands (in the shower) and a towel. The last thing you want to do is rough up your hair by rubbing your hair with a towel because it roughs up the cuticle and creates frizz. Just get as much water out as your can, it doesn't have to be completely dry.

4. A little product is your best friend.
After you've washed your hair and removed as much water as you can it's time to add some product. For a smooth finish, use a anti-frizz serum. I use moroccan argan oil, which controls my frizz and adds a little shine without making it look greasy. Adding a serum keeps your hair soft and (for the majority) frizz free. If you want a more textured look, add a sea salt spray. Make sure to comb your hair in order to distribute the product.

5. Don't brush your hair when it's dry.
I know this seems counter-productive. And I don't mean you can't ever brush your dry hair. Just make sure that you use a comb or a boar bristle brush. Something that won't create frizz. And honestly, brushing your hair is the quickest way to lose that natural look.

One final tip: Once your hair is dry, if you want you can add dry shampoo to your roots to add some volume and some more anti-freeze serum to weigh it down a little more.

Do you air dry your hair? What is your hair type? What tricks do you use when you air dry your hair, did I leave any out? Let me know in the comments below so we can discuss!