07 June 2017

Orlando + Winter Park Day Trip: Just the Girls

Last Saturday Megan & I had a much needed girls day. But our girls day is always a lot different than most girls. Ours was made up of finding plants for our back porches and exploring more of Winter Park. Especially the Mill District. Which means, I essentially took her to places that I knew she'd love and a pie place that I couldn't seem to convince Alex to go to with me. The boy detests sweets more than I do - but when there's pie involved - I'm game. Anyways, back to Megan & I Winter Park expedition.
Our first stop was Krungthep we're we indulged in tea (Thai tea for me - always) and killer chicken pesto sandwiches. Then we made our way to Apenberry's where we nearly took all of the plants home. There were seriously so many stunning plants and I fell in love with almost twenty. Luckily for Alex (and our bank account) the size of our porch is only so big. The only downside was that it was super hot and sunny out. I even managed to get a sunburn on my shoulders. Go figure!

Afterwards Megan & I went to another garden, left empty-handed, and then made our way to the Mills 50 District. I introduced her to Park Ave Compact Discs, The Lovely, Dear Prudence and P Is for Pie. Which she loved. If you haven't been to any of these places yet, I suggest you make it part of your next trip to Winter Park. Park Ave has a lot more than just CDs too. And The Lovely specializes in incredible mid-century finds. Which is a dream come true for me. Needless to say I left with an incredible mid-century red metal tray with a peacock on it. You can see it over on my Instagram...
All in all our little Saturday expedition added up to a perfect day. I even ended up with a list of places that we need to checkout next time. Especially because we're determined to explore more of Winter Park's districts.

If you have any suggestions of place that we should go, let me know in the comments below - I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Now I have yet another destination on my "after I retire" list of things to do!!

  2. Yay! They have some really awesome places.