30 August 2017

Mornings Filled With Happiness

This is a simple mug. From all outward appearances, nothing special. A hefty burgundy mug, with a painted white pattern - "England" pressed into the bottom in a curve. To others, this mug is nothing special. But to me it is everything. When Alex & I first started dating, we'd wake up at his place and he'd make us French Press coffee. And he'd always, always, always give me my coffee in this mug. So many mornings, where we'd sit in his living room, on that leather couch, sun filtering through every window. We would sit there drinking our coffee. Ruefully counting down the minutes until we had to go to work, away from one another.

I still drink from this mug, and every time I do, it brings me straight back to those mornings filled with warm coffee, happiness and the love of my life by my side.

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