07 September 2017

Trip Delayed - thanks, Hurricane Irma

Well, we would have been getting ready to head to the airport by now. But hurricane Irma has proved itself to be a formidable force. Our departure airport has been listed with a travel alert through Monday. Our flight out to Indiana would have been fine, but our flight back to Florida would have been delayed by who knows how long. So, in the vein of being proper adults, we've decided to take the airline up on a one-time voucher and reschedule our trip. Hopefully the storm won't cause too much damage. However, the cone of the hurricane is quite large so we'll surely get something. Below is the current track of the storm as of September 7, 2017 @ 9:26AM

It's been pretty crazy here in Florida as the storm approaches - bottle water and ice are completely sold out in supermarkets. And I honestly, can't stand the hysteria mentality. I am all for being prepared, but there's a limit to everything - you can really only do so much. Hysteria is just a no-go for us. However on Tuesday night, Alex & I waited in line a three different gas stations and left without gas each time. And we actually needed gas, I was practically on empty. People were filling both their cars and several gas canisters. It was insane and also a little ridiculous. Luckily, we were able to get gas the next morning.

For the next few days we'll be prepping for the storm. This is the first actual hurricane where I haven't lived with my parents. I've found that caring for a home in this type of situation requires a lot of work, preparation and careful planning, I've even made a list of the things we'll have to do to protect certain things without our apartment! I think we'll be riding out the brunt of the storm at my parents, though. They have a newer home, in a subdivision with proper drainage and are on a higher part of town. Plus, I think my mom will be a lot more calm knowing that we are there with her. We're taking Olive with us too - so it'll be like a mini sleepover.

If you live in Florida or anywhere in the path of Hurricane Irma, I hope you stay safe! The storm is supposed to hit us Sunday-Monday. So, I'll be sure to check back in here on Monday (if there's still power - ugh fingers crossed) to give some updates. Stay safe everyone!

Also - you can head over to NOAA for up to date info on the hurricane.


  1. That path has changed yet again. Glad you delayed your trip. Be safe, you two!!