26 October 2017

An Extra Spooky Halloween Playlist

Once October rolls around I have a tendency to listen to a lot of Type O Negative. But as much as I'd love to listen to their albums on repeat the whole month, I think I'd drive Alex crazy. Lucky for him I like a wide variety of music. Both of us love creating playlists for pretty much anything. Oh, it's our anniversary? There's a playlist for that! We're going on a road trip? You bet there's a playlist (even if we just made it during the first 20 minutes of driving). It's a holiday? You got yourself a playlist! It only makes sense that we'd make one for Halloween.

P.S. I'm giving you a heads up here.... there's like 74 songs on this playlist - we don't mess around. Giddy up! ;)


Let me know what you think... did we forget something? Let me know in the comments below.
Also, be sure to check out my must-watch Halloween movies.


  1. I am giggling....a good many of those are from MY era!! I even know the words to Monster Mash (and others). I could groove to those for the holiday! :)