14 October 2017

Memories ripe with the feeling of unwavering love...

Sometimes when life happens it can be incredibly difficult to see how special certain moments truly are. At times we might take our life for granted. Instead of seeing how fortunate we are. We wish for one thing or another, and somehow we miss the reality of it all. I remember a few months after Alex & I started dating we lived with my parents in order to save money for our first place. Somehow the two of us managed to share a twin size bed. The bed was so small that most nights Alex would wake up on the floor, but somehow we managed. Our room was tiny and the furniture I inherited from my grandparents filled up the majority of it. Along with Olive's cage, which was nestled on the floor under the window at the foot of our bed, the room was slightly cramped. I remember anxiously dreaming about the time when we could finally have a place of our own and yes, a bigger bed.

Whenever I think about it now that twin bed we shared seems so magical, so perfect. Because honestly, it was. Our love was fresh and life had just begun for us. Our bed is much bigger now, but sometimes, oddly enough, I despise the extra space. Most of the time we'll find our way back to each other, eyes heavy with sleep, bodies curving around the others. And sometimes, if we're lucky Olive will wedge her fluffy little self between the two of us. This new normal that fills up our days and nights in a place we call our own is heavenly. When a quiet moment presents itself I can't help but recall our beginnings: a girl and a boy reconnecting after seventeen years apart - finding a love so deep that neither one of them knew existed. It's in those moments that I remember the beauty of our past and take note of how it's transformed into memories that I will cherish forever. Memories ripe with a feeling of unwavering love that I will hold steady in my heart until the moon begins its slow decay.

Also, if you'd like to read an interesting article on the moon's inevitable disintegration head over here.


  1. Such a beautiful post....and then the moon is decaying! LOL Glad I won't be here to see it happen!

    1. Thank you, Terri! That means a lot to me.
      And yes, the moon is decaying... it's so crazy!