07 November 2017

Alex lost AND found a new job within 24 hours...

The past few days have been an absolute whirlwind. Last Thursday, Alex came home from work earlier than anticipated. The reason... he got laid off. The restaurant he had been working for isn't doing so well financially and they expressed to him that they just couldn't afford him anymore. To say that I was freaking out would have been a mild understatement. I was FREAKING OUT. Notice the all caps situation there? That whole Thursday evening was spent at his parents with us in an utter state of disbelief and a little fear.

But the next morning I woke up with the strangest sense of calm, but I rolled with it without questioning it. As awful as it seemed, this was really for the best. No one likes a sinking ship, especially when it is a job. I knew Alex would find a job, even if it meant taking a crappy one just to make ends meet until the right one came along. For that, I am thankful - he's such a hard worker and dedicated to always making sure that we are taken care of, no matter what.

And I didn't need to really worry at all. By the end of Friday (seriously not even 24 hours after he was laid off ) Alex was hired by an awesome catering company in town - the owner even called Alex a "godsend". It's nice knowing I'm not the only person who views him that way. ;) Thankfully the catering company has been around for a very long time, is doing well financially, and are willing to give Alex the pay he deserves. It may not be as glamours as Alex had hoped for, but with management in the near future, it will mean a lot for whenever we do start a family.

He started his new job today and I'm happy to announce that he likes it! In fact, he was worried he wouldn't like it as much as he does. Go figure!


  1. I'm so glad he found a new job so quickly. I'm sorry that Posto 9 isn't doing so well and had to let him go. Can you share the catering company with me? I wish him well in his new job!!

    1. He's working at Terrie Lobb now. So far it seems to be a great fit. :)