27 November 2017

Our Birthday Celebration

These past four days have been amazing because Alex & I had them off together. On Saturday Alex & I had an early joint birthday celebration. Since our birthdays are only twelve days apart we decided to celebrate them together this year. Mainly because Alex will be working like crazy during December. Who knew the catering business was so busy during then? So, we headed over to St. Pete for the day. We went to Sunken Gardens, had a delicious lunch at Three Birds Tavern and haunted three different record stores.
We were blown away by Sunken Gardens, it was a first time for both of us too. I loved the succulent garden the most. The cacti made me feel like I was back in California. There was a chill in the air so the weather was perfect. It felt like a little maze and Alex was marking all the locations off the map like he was in a video game. It was pretty funny. We even saw some birds as well, parrots and flamingos to name a few.

As for Three Birds Tavern, we indulged in black and tans, snakebites and a Guinness ice cream float - which was delicious. Our sandwiches were pretty good; I got the mushroom Guinness gravy burger and Alex got a buffalo & bleu cheese sandwich. We want to come back for dinner one night and have a more traditional British meal. Have I mentioned I miss England lately? Because I do. We sat outside for lunch, but next time we go we're going to sit inside. It's nice and cozy - complete with a fireplace and wood all over.
Afterwards, we headed to Bananas Records (both of their locations) and Planet Retro records. We had never been to Planet Retro before and fell in love with their selection. We left with some pretty awesome vinyl too. At Bananas, I got Big Country's"The Crossing' and Simple Minds' "Once Upon A Time". At Planet Retro Alex got Baroness' "Purple" and I finally got Echo & the Bunnymen's "Ocean Rain". Then, because Alex loves me more than he should, we made a pitstop at IKEA before heading home. Haha. Seriously, we had such a fun time and it's really fun sharing a day dedicated to both of our birthdays. I think we've found a new tradition...


  1. You two are SO cute together! Those selfies are the best! I have never been to Sunken Gardens either but it is on my list (along with Weeki Watchee and Lowry Park Zoo). I can believe December is busy for catering companies because of all the parties. Glad you got to celebrate together!! My BD is coming up too...right next to yours! Happy birthday to us!

    1. Thank you. It was a really great day.

      I think you should definitely checkout Sunken Gardens.