31 October 2018

He or She? What will baby be?

On Monday afternoon, at baby's anatomy scan, Alex & I found out the gender!! But here's the thing - we're keeping it a secret until after Sunday. Why? Because this Sunday we're throwing a twist on a gender reveal party... we're surprising our family with the news! I feel like this secret is even harder to keep then when we initially found out we were pregnant. I seriously cannot wait to surprise our parents - it's going to be so incredible.

I'm also over the moon with how our baby's first photo shoot turned out. That little nose and mouth kills me!

After the ultrasound we celebrated by voting early (you know, it's never too early to teach the baby the importance of voting) and went to Mellow Mushroom for some delicious pizza. We thought it was the perfect thing to do because we had pizza on our wedding day and it's the ultimate tradition for us. Especially when it comes to celebrating our little bunny bean. I told Alex that after I give birth I want pizza too. Haha.

So - if you think you know what baby is - let me know in the comments below and then be sure to stop back by on Monday to find out what baby is! It's going to be so hard to keep this secret for five more days.


  1. Now I can't wait until Monday but I won't try to guess. What fun, though!! I am just so excited for you both!!

    1. Thank you! We're just still over the moon about it all.