27 December 2018

My Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Ah, the second trimester. Or as most women call it, the honeymoon phase. I definitely had a lot of energy at the beginning of the second trimester. No pain, just a few sleepless nights - but that was easily remedied when I finally learned how to fall back asleep. Now that I'm a few days away from the dreaded third trimester, I'm hoping things don't get too awful! Here's what my second trimester of pregnancy has been like...

That pesky night-time nausea I had at the end of the first trimester went away and it's been glorious. What took its place? Well, towards the end of this trimester I started to experience pregnancy rhinitis. And oh my goodness, it has been incredibly annoying. Every evening when my head hit the pillow my nose would clog up, then I would spend the next day blowing my nose. Thankfully I invested in a humidifier and it's done wonders. Except when the weather gets rainy and the pressure makes my nose unresponsive to pretty much any solution.

Another annoying symptom was whenever I would sit on a couch or regular chair I would get a dull ache under my right shoulder blade. Thanks to baby boy getting bigger, he was throwing my posture all out of whack. I wanted to find a pair of maternity leggings that were supportive. I heard about Blanqi, ordered a pair of supportive maternity leggings and they're just lovely. I also got them for half price on Black Friday - which was awesome.

As far as keeping my back and shoulder blade from hurting, I've had to learn how to properly sit as a pregnant lady: with my butt on the edge of the seat and my legs wide with feet flat on the floor. A yoga ball helps too. As well as regularly doing prenatal yoga and going on walks.

Emotional Musings 
I'm not normally one to cry, but since the second trimester rolled around I noticed that whenever I read anything sad about pet rabbits I would break into tears. What made things even weirder was the fact that sometimes I'd be petting Olive and just start crying because I'd think about how one day she won't be with me. And that just broke my heart. This happened more than once too...

Other than that, it's been pretty smooth sailing. Alex and I actually had a conversation about how I really thought being pregnant would turn me into a complete terror. And so far, fingers crossed, it hasn't. I've actually been better than my typical PMS days.

A Few Unexpected Things

  • I really didn't think I'd be able to wake up several times a night to pee and actually be able to fall back asleep. Thankfully I've become a pro at it.
  • My memory kind of sucks. Seriously. Half the time my brain feels like it's broken.
  • I really thought I'd have a lot more cravings, but so far nothing intense or out of the ordinary.
  • Most of the time I don't really feel as though I look as pregnant as I should. I always thought I'd be a lot bigger than what I currently am. Thankfully my weight gain has been right on track - not over or under.
  • I thought I'd talk to my belly more... but I don't. And sometimes I forget he is even in there until he starts kicking. I also feel him roll around it there, which is a pretty weird/wonderful feeling.
  • I also didn't think I'd need a pregnancy pillow, but it turns out that I need some sort of extra support while sleeping. I've found that propping up my regular pillows and using a pregnancy body pillow does wonders. I originally used a body pillow but found it to be a pain in the ass when I had to switch sides in the middle of the night.
  • I really wanted to work out a lot more but naps win every single time.


  1. Naps win... love that!! This is a nice little diary for you to keep and re-read!! I am so looking forward to meeting Cooper one day!!

    1. I'm also keeping a handwritten one for Cooper. That way, if he wants, he can always read about his beginnings. ;)

      I can't wait to introduce you to him!

  2. GIRL SAME. I couldn’t breathe through my second trimester either, and there was more than one night when I caved and used Afrin because I just wanted to sleep - and then was so worried my baby would grow five arms because of the chemicals that I of course got no sleep. I had no clue that was even a pregnancy symptom until it happened to me.

    I didn’t talk to my belly either, and I really thought I would - however, I am now the proud mama of a very chatty little baby so don’t worry about it too much. Naps are absolutely the priority.

    PS You look so great in all your photos, pretty pregnant lady! Are you planning on doing a maternity shoot? Because if you feel up to it you should! ��

    1. OMG. The whole not breathing thing is the absolute worst. No one even told me it could happen either! Rude, rude, rude. There were a couple of nights when it got so bad I was waking up filled with anxiety because I just couldn't breath.

      Also, thank you so much for your sweet comment - it's nice to hear I look pretty. Especially when I feel huge.

      And yes, we ARE having maternity photos done. My friend who did our engagement and wedding photos will be doing them and I seriously cannot wait.