31 January 2019

Bump Update: Week 31

I'll be thirty-three weeks on Saturday so I'm a little late sharing this...

Lately, I've definitely felt pregnant. Not too long ago I started to feel my son's little feet flutter themselves on my rib cage as if I were his personal musical instrument. Aside from that awkward and uncomfortable feeling, I love feeling and seeing him roll around in my stomach. He does it everyday now and I don’t think I’ll ever forget the magic in that.

I've officially entered heartburn city. Every night it happens and I've taken to drinking carbonated water, which actually helps, for the most part. I'm still dealing with the pelvic varicosities but I've learned how to keep it at bay. I've found that using a yoga ball every night really helps. However, I still have to not stay on my feet for too long.

This weekend Alex & I will be celebrating our two year wedding anniversary and I'm SO excited. I can't believe we've already been married for two years! It feels like we were saying our vows just yesterday. Come July we will have been together for fours years. Mind blown. Everyday I take a moment to thank my lucky starts that the universe brought Alex back into my life. He really is my light in the dark.

Which makes bringing our son into this world at the end of March even more amazing. I can't wait to watch us become parents and grow even more. We're so excited to meet you little one!

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