13 February 2019

Thoughts On Being First-Time Parents In Our Mid-Thirties

Wow, that title is somewhat of a mouthful, huh? Seriously though it's something that Alex & I have talked a lot about. Not only what it means to be first-time parents, but especially what it means to be first-time parents in our mid-thirties. We're well aware of the typical things... about how your life AND your priorities change, how sleep becomes elusive and how your life is irrevocably changed. In fact, we've been discussing that for a while now. And to be honest, we're ready for it. More than we have ever been. Having a little one is the next logical step for us and both of us are incredible excited.

We might not be where we want in all aspects of our lives. For example, we're still currently renting, but waiting for the *right* time seems a little ridiculous. I mean, is anyone ever really *ready*? Trust us - we get it. We understand the reality of having a child. At any age, really. We know that babies are demanding... the frequent late night feedings and diaper changes. The crying the possible colic. We know it can be hard. It's definitely an adjustment to life as we know it. But we really feel as though we're ready for it - especially at this age - and we're welcoming this adventure with open arms and a crap ton of grace.

Alex & I know that having a baby now, in this part of our lives, is actually a really good decision. Especially for us. I feel like at this age we are well-prepared to be the best parents we can possibly be. We feel incredibly confident and it's something that feels so rewarding. We're ready to focus on what matters most and are well equipped to seek out a balance that we probably wouldn't have been ready for if we were younger. And that's what really matters the most.

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  1. My mom always said "If you want until you can afford a baby, you will never have one." You and Alex are right!! It will all work out and you are both ready!! xoxox