04 April 2019

Holy shit - I'm a mama!

Motherhood has been pretty crazy - five weeks in and I'm still getting the hang of it. The sleepless nights, the hormones, the tears - both happy & sad, the time spent just staring at my son. It's wild and hard, and magical and frustrating all at once. He wasn't even a month old when I asked Alex to take this photo of the two of us together. At the time I had maybe one photo of just my little love and me, and I just really needed one. Don't let how put-together I look fool you... I threw on a normal shirt last minute in hopes of not looking completely run down. 

But there I am... just a new mama and her son. 


  1. I've been waiting for a post from you! Danielle, Cooper is adorable! He looks healthy, happy and well loved by his mamma and daddy! Thanks for the photo and or catching us up!!