26 March 2019

My Third Trimester of Pregnancy

I was recently going through my posts and realized that I never blogged about my third trimester. I honestly planned to but with the laziness of the last leg of pregnancy and the fact that our son came almost a month early, I never got around to it. So here it is . . .

So what was my third trimester like? Actually it wasn't that bad, but that's probably because I only made it three days shy of 37 weeks. My mom threw me a lovely baby shower, Alex & I made some wooden toys for the baby, and I had a dreamy maternity photo shoot literally less than two weeks before I gave birth.

My pelvic varicosities actually went away a month before our son arrived which meant that it didn't hurt to walk anymore. I was feeling more and more lethargic though and tried me best to take it as easy as I could.

I did a lot of nesting. Cleaning, organizing, prepping, you name it! I'm glad I started early too. My Mom actually came over on a Monday to help me deep clean our apartment. The next morning at 4 AM my water broke. Haha. I wonder if all that cleaning had anything to do with it . . .

Emotional Musings
I was so ready to meet our little one. I just remember talking to Alex about how I just wanted to actually hold him - I just wanted to meet him.

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