26 August 2019

Baby Boy - Six Months

Happy half-birthday, little love! The Earth celebrated with you today because it rained. Just like it did on the day you were born. You started solids - so far sweet potatoes are your favorite, you love it when I read Goodnight, Moon to you, and you instantly fall asleep to Rockabye Baby's version of the Eagle's "Desparado". You are affectionate and cuddly. I can finally make you laugh as hard as your dada can make you laugh! You love peekaboo, babble constantly, and blow raspberries. You are the happiest little baby. You are our moon and our stars, my darling.

Come October you'll only have to wear your boots and bars at naps and nighttime. We're so excited! For more info on his special feet head over here.


  1. He is SO adorable!! Thanks for these updates, Danielle!

  2. He just melts my heart.
    I'm glad you're still following along. <3