13 February 2020

That one entry where I play catch up . . .

Wow, I really need to start this blog up again. I've just started writing again (outside of blogging) and it's felt so good to put pen to paper after such a long time of not. Life has been busy - the ebb and flow of parenthood takes up most of our time. It's become comfortable and a lot easier than those crazy newborn days. But things are changing. Our little one is getting smarter each day - we're still waiting with baited breath for those "first steps" when he walks - but I'm not rushing him. As it is now, he is constantly walking along the walls and furniture and honestly I'm savoring this time of not constantly chasing a toddler. That'll happen in no time, I'm sure.

In a little over two weeks he will be a year old and honestly I'm only partly okay with it. I told Alex that the night before his birthday, I'm kicking Alex out of our bed and snuggling all night with my soon to be toddler. We have his birthday party planned and I'm really looking forward to celebrate our little one - even if I'll more than likely be in tears the whole day. We're having a very small, family-only party and I think it'll be perfect for him. I'm even making him a special, no sugar added smash cake cause apparently we're those parents.

Life is busy, but good. Sometimes the days go by so fast we don't even realize it until the weekend rolls around. Alex likes to joke with me that before our son I always used to say I was bored and he's right, I did. Having a child really does add purpose to your life - and even if they don't, they sure do add a lot of things to do onto your plate. ;)


  1. Nice to catch up here, Danielle!! Cooper is adorable and I can't believe it has been a year already! Time goes much too fast! It was great seeing you at the luncheon this week!!

    1. Way too fast, indeed. It was so lovely seeing you! :) <3