10 July 2014


For the past week I've been immersing myself in rediscovering Wicca. I've always leaned towards the occult and when my step-dad gave me a book on Wicca when I was in middle school I fell in love with the concept and ideals. So, when my friend divulged to me that she is a practicing Wiccan, I took the opportunity to pick her brain and she was sweet enough to let me borrow a stack of her books. My Book of Shadows is filling up rather quickly and this coming Monday my friend and I will be binding our own books!


  1. I love your new space. It seems, somehow, more you - even though I don't know you IRL so I don't know what I'm talking about.

    My mom read a TON of books about Wicca when I was growing up. I remember when she bound her BoS because she "borrowed" some of my good bobby-pin beads. She even had an altar but I suspect that was more about the aesthetic than the spiritual, hah. To keep her from sounding like a total dip, she did always remind me that "actions come back to you in threes." My bff's mother and grandmother were (are, still, I guess) legit practicing witches, though, and there were a handful of times I was invited to one of their more formal rituals. It was a lot of years ago so I don't remember much, except that those were some of the most positive, safe-feeling experiences of that time of my life. In high school one of my closest friends also practiced.

    Uh, not sure why I turned this comment into a hijack of your post BUT THE MORAL IS that in my brain Wicca is linked with a lot of wonderful women that were and are very important to me and it makes me kind of happy that you're rediscovering a thing that makes you happy. I wish you the best in this particular journey; I hope it brings you peace and I'd be interested to read more about it! And I know that if you had a daughter you would never, ever steal her beads.

    1. Elle! I am so happy to see your comment here.
      And you are right, this space is more like me. It means a lot to me that you can tell, even if you don't know me in real life.

      I think that is so great that you have such a wonderful experience with Wicca. My friend has promised to take me to the next solstice and I am truly looking forward to it. I am glad to here that you had such a safe experience.

      And you're right, I would never steal my daughter's beads. Hahahah.

      Thank you for your comment, Elle. It really means a lot to me.

  2. Omigosh! Je suis vous amie! hahaha, I just want to say what iI find really amazing about you is this genuine and insatiable curiosity. its actually why I think Wicca keeps returning to you. I love how you devour the concepts that others struggle with, and I really think it speaks to how you will be as a teacher. its both exciting and inspiring to see how enthusiastically search and consume every shred of new knowledge you can get your hands on.

    1. Awe Megan, thank you. I'm just really glad that I have you in my life to go on this new adventure with.