07 December 2014

The Colour Teal

I hate photos of feet, but the story behind this one is good enough to make me break my own rule. I spent last night hanging out with my best friend, Brooke. We had some brewskies, talked up a storm and watched House of Cards (because she's been telling me about it for months now). We were lounging on the couch, when out of nowhere Brooke looks at me, and with excitement in her voice asks me if my nails are indeed painted teal. I was slightly confused as to why she would be excited about something so random until she showed me that hers were painted the exact same colour. And to make things even more oddly serendipitous, we had both painted them that colour earlier that day!

It's strange & random occurrences like this that make me realize (time and time again) that Brooke and I truly are meant to be best friends.