27 February 2015

My Catch-All To-Do-List

It's almost March and how this happened so quickly, I have no idea. Either way there has been a lot of to-do items bouncing around my head, as well as many different lists. So, I've decided to place them here for easier, and less chaotic, keeping.
  • take a self-portrait to document my shorter hair (I need a new one for my "about" page on here
  •  find a long, boyfriend style black sweater
  • go on a photo-taking expedition
  • write more poertry
  • read more of House of Leaves
  • watch more Gossip Girl (I've become ridiculously addicted)
  • look up fun things to do and places to go in New Orleans that I didn't see or do during our last visit
  • buy a fiber lash mascara (for some reason I am intrigued)
  • spend time with Brooke
  • teach Megan how to use my sewing machine
  • sew more
  • DIY rip my new skinny jeans DONE!
  • make the leg openings smaller on another pair of skinny jeans
  • start deciding what to pack, clothing wise, for our NOLA trip
  • work on my grimoire
  • study more Nocturnal Witchcraft
  • stop postponing math homework
19 February 2015

Going back to NOLA

I'M GOING BACK TO NOLA! I cannot wait to go exploring through the French Quarter again, to search through the cemeteries and eat delicious food.
11 February 2015

The Correlation Between Blogging & Chapters In Life

Sometimes I miss my old blog... Sometimes I think about blogging in that space again, a lot actually. And then I think about all that has happened between now and the last time I posted there. So much so that I felt as though I needed to start fresh, because something within me had changed. I was the same, but not, and because of that shift, I started this blog - in hopes of documenting my life in a new way, a way where I could control more of what I put out into the world. Because honestly, my old self, that open-book-of-a-girl, was feeling too exposed and I needed a different space to share the way I wanted to share.

In an almost comical way, I feel sad for leaving my old blog behind. I feel guilty for moving on in life without it. As of now it stands as a reminder of the many chapters in my life. I started that blog a little over a year after I married my now ex-husband. I was a twenty-five year old newlywed. I was young and contemplating what to do with my life. During those years I went back to college with hopes of becoming a teacher. I cut negativity out of my life, lost touch with old friends and made new ones. Across those pages and posts of that blog I redefined myself, I became in touch with myself, I grew as a person. Four years of my life are represented on that blog. A blog where I shared every single photo I wanted to share, every ancient memory, every little thought, every event, every single word that I needed so badly to express.

I'm thirty now and I don't blog as much as I used to. I do miss it, but I am accepting of the fact that now I spend more time living life without the constant need to document. I focus more on enjoying the moment, and sharing more with the people in my life, and a lot less in the digital world. And as much as I miss my old blog, I look to this one with hope and a smile on my face in regards to of what the future has in store for me; countless journeys in which to fill up the pages of this blog with what I see fit.
08 February 2015


Whole30 breakfast deliciousness.