25 October 2015

DIY Ghost Nails

Is it just me or does Halloween call for some festive nail art? I'll be honest with you, I suck at painting my nails, I mean REALLY suck - I always manage to get the nail polish on the skin around my nails, so I needed a DIY that would take into account my lack of painting skills. What's easier than little ghosts? A layer of white and 20 little black eyes? Yes, please!

white nail polish
black nail polish
clear coat polish
a mechanical pencil
piece of paper

Paint two coats of white nail polish -letting them dry 3 minutes in between each coat. Use the brush of the black nail polish to create a pile of paint on a piece of paper. Make sure there is no lead poking out of the bottom of the pencil and dip it into the black nail polish. Make two little eyes on each eye. Let dry for 5 minutes and apply a clear coat.

Now you can admire your super easy and boo-tiful nails!

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